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Posted by alexandra_k on September 10, 2018, at 8:36:42

You okay?

Been thinking of you...

How is your security system on your house? I think it sounds really cool. Wish I had one :)

I'll get a helmet cam for my bike first, though. To at least scare people into thinking that if they wrong me I'll... Sue them.

I got my test result back. I huddled in with the herd. Little below, actually. I suspect that's the aim in this country, though. Huddle in. Head down. Aussie doesn't want me. No threat to your kid. And all of that. This means I have totally and irrevokably lost faith in their tests. There is just no way my section 2 isn't one of the best they've ever seen. Except for their crappy questions, of course. I mean... These stupid card things my school paid heaps for that did reading comprehension and the like... I remember working those cards. For fun. Like c'mon. C'mon. Even a personality test. What's the idea? To give good marks to the wanker kids of wankers? Bonus marks for seeing the patient and getting a boner yo. Yeppers. Anyway...

I read something on the GP people and why they do the interviews... And they actually seem to believe they can pick them. And they can pick them better than anybody else can pick them. And they believe they are the best...

And so on.

And they be full of it. Of course.

Of course many choose not to participate. You just gotta jump through the hoop and go.

At least I know there isn't point studying for it for next year. Since I don't have a huddle of private school kids to huddle with and collude on the attitude that is appropriately conveyed in their theory of mind test.

Huddle with the herd. Ideal. Clearly. And then we see how many people think I'm too old on interview. Goodie.




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