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Re: Partlycloudy

Posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2018, at 16:56:00

In reply to Re: Partlycloudy, posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2018, at 16:36:23

they tell us that universities *used to be* elite, and now what is happening is that they are becoming for the people.

only, i don't believe that is true.

i mean... i first went to university. however many years ago. from this country. what i did was i made the decision that i wanted to go to university, i worked (a bit) at school to make sure i earned the grades that would get me in to university, and then i got to go to university.

what has happened is that they decided to change what the university is about so that *everybody wants to go to university*. so you have, today, a bunch of people at university who never would have chosen to go, before, because they don't actually like studying anything at school, and they aren't actually particularly interested in any of the university subjects, either.

but, they watch tv. and university is where you go to be a doctor. to marry a doctor. i forget. university is where you go for those cool frat parties (or foreign equivalent). and so on. university is where you go if you want a job that pays a living wage. and they scare all these people (and many more besides) into going to university.

but there isn't really anybody to teach them. because there's nobody home, anymore.

they try and persuade people to believe that the problem is that they didn't get entry to professional degree program. and that's not about who'se your daddy, that's about people not getting the grades (we have no accountability on grading practices) or whatver... even when different residential halls employ different tutors and so on...

and i know full well that when you get into a professional degree it doesn't take more than about 5 minutes to learn that there's nobody home there, either. they mopped up the remaining people who would have been great for the sciences or whatever else (because that is, after all, what they were actually trained to do) but... there's nobody actually medical. well, plenty of oxy guys, but that's more medicine conmunications presented by all my randomised double blind control patients and observational study patients i'm totally in it for my patients brought to you by pharma or toxic waste disposal or whatever oxy guy...

and... i know... you gotta meet the people who *enjoy* hanging off his every word.

i just... my concern is for the little old lady in the corner getting screwed out of her retirement fund.

but what ya gonna do?

we have been taken over by psychopaths. people have been saying it for a while.

fortunately it is a cognitive capacity thing... so it is actually possible to assess...

sustained though.

i suspect the solution is what people have known for a while... it is in the balance of power. and about the continual need to rebalance as new things are added. as any computer game developer will know.

the structures so the mercenaries behavior tends to co-incide with the actual good.

some sham facade of morality.




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