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Re: Partlycloudy

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2018, at 20:05:26

In reply to Re: Partlycloudy, posted by Clearskies on September 16, 2018, at 0:01:25

well my supervisor said that she is going to reccommend that the thesis be failed outright.

that it not be sent to external examiners, at all.

unless... i rescind my submission and work on it, for her, for another 10 days...

I wasn't sure what to do... So I decided to stay the course.

I said to her that if you are operating and the anesthetist says 'you have x amount of time' then you go with that. when the dean (who makes final decision on everything) said 'we try and have examination wrapped up in 3 months' then it's probably wise to go with that. so i submitted it 3 months prior to when i need to hear about having completed.

And I think of all the theses I've read, over the years. Ones that were done on time, and ones that weren't. And I think of all the student work I've graded... And I think about how these days it's all online grading grinder. And often the people grading it don't seem to have taken the time to have read it... Increasingly...

At least one of the external examiners needs to be based overseas. So perhaps there is some saving grace...

I don't know.

My supervisor says she doesn't know why I think I need to get it to the Dean 3 months prior... She thinks the best chance I have of getting it accepted on time is if she gets more time with it before it goes to externals.

Only... When I graded for her she told me not to take any marks off at all for students who submitted their work late. So... I don't trust her judgment on timely completion. And the number of things she's graded that were late... Those don't get to set the standard. But then, even if they did...

It might be that that's how things are in the Arts, now. It's a way of bonding your students so they will never be able to leave you. You make it so only those submitting late get their theses accepted.

Is this really the way the world works? 'Works'... That's one word for it.

I do wish I had someone I could talk... to... through... someone to bounce ideas off IRL. Someone who was professional. With respect to not disclosing what I speak of with them to any third party. I don't believe such a thing exists anymore. I don't believe such a thing exists in these parts. People only seem to want information to figure how better to bind others to them. My `friends'... Yeah... One of them said... She's glad that I don't have more because then they'd never see me. Only it's her believing it that makes it so. And it's the lack of equality that makes it so tiring for me to spend time with her. But it's supposed to be funner for her this way? In the past... When she was a weedy geeky teen people treated her badly. I get that.




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