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Re: Partlycloudy

Posted by alexandra_k on September 24, 2018, at 1:49:09

In reply to Re: Partlycloudy alexandra_k, posted by Clearskies on September 24, 2018, at 1:23:29

seminary school, hmm.

theology can be interesting. the stories we tell people. the buy-in. how we can get people to behave with the buy-in.

i've been thinking about churches (the physical buildings as warehouses) as insurance companies. the start of that. social insurance. the person in charge of the church gets to decide who is a worthy welfare recipient in times of need and how much of the pot they should get. how to spend those tithes. for the good of the congregation, of course.

my grandfather was a minister. they sent him up north and he wasn't able to arrange meaningful activity, i don't think. the guy after him did a little better, from what i could figure. got the people to work on / develop the church, it seemed. his house. i think that is the idea? his house with a large living room sort of an area for people to come into the warm on sundays... his house with the food store in the basement.. gods house... his house... so confusing...

rules of morality.... or civility (as the case may be) haha. and of course who gets to decide... a group of elders...

oen of the churches is handing over a residential hall to the university. apparently they can't manage it. they had a bout of GI out of the kitchens last year. sounds like biological warfare to me. or maybe just genuine not able to manage the cleaners... i don't know.

last rites.... first rites. births and deaths. i guess churches are... demise.. yeah.

universities. not as higher learning, anymore. the aspirational the ideal has gone out of them too.

the buy in. to try and inspire people to work towards a lofty ideal for the good of us all. one that is only attainable if we buy in.

be the change you wish to see...

all that. i guess it's the same story over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

becuase that's how many times it seems to need to be said.

i do think that htings are genuinely worse. but i suppose it is possible that i am growing up... and seeing things differently. i suppose it was possible that i was far more naieve before.

it is also possible that there is something...

there was this incident a while back. the government has been contracting out management of our prisons to foreign companies, as you do, so if people outside the prisons hear of atrocities being committed inside the prisons (as they will because people will deliver those surveillance devices to prisoners, of course) then the government has this plausible deniability sort of a thing it can do.

and so some of the prisoners uploaded videos of them street (or prison i guess) fighting / brawling withotu any supervision in this big warehouse type of a room. uploaded to youtube or similar. and of cousre the government had to provide some sort of a statement of how these people in a nz prison were fighting like that and uploading footage to youtube.

and they gave this maaori minister guy air time to try and justify it from the government point of view. and he did such a bad job of it. i mean... i saw, instantly, why they have people who just spout nonsense garbage. this guy couldn't look to the camera and spout nonsense garbage - which was the game of politics. because, of course, there is no justification for what happened. it's not acceptable. and the government does not have plausible deniability. it just doesn't.

but there was something deeply disturbing at this guy sort of trying to play politics but clearly not having any idea of what the game was that he was supposed tobe playing even. and it made his presence there... though also the whole idea of government... the whole thing... was just so clearly and obviously farcical. just a complete and utter facade of anything... there's nobody home.

the problem with teh churches was sex abuse of women and children. that came to bite them. people have lost confidence in the churches.

i think about the buhhdist (i think they were) monestaries. as schools of higher learning. mendel... and his pea plants. the... aesthetic life.... esoteric... i don't know. i think about the robes of scholarship that were supposed to be a.... out... of the traditoinal class thing. orphans that were raised by the monks and taught how to read and translate texts, or whatever. guardians of the knowledge...

but then it was the place to send the second son because the first inherited the estate. and course it is expedient to have an ideal... a story... a narrative of how the kid was chosen by god becuase of being ill early on...

and the interest people have in constructing false ideals to get people to work towards something that is for the good of: only them.

and perhaps people are delusional and lose sight of good for who.

i suspect that is it. when it is for the good of you it is easier to tell yourself lit is for the good of all.

i suspect there is an element of that.

hard to know when to hold fast and when to listen to other people and adopt self-doubt.

bob's virtue was that he was a rock. but of course that was also his vice and his ultimate downfall. so... the whole thing was inevitable, really. and expedient from teh perspective of public health or whatever. surveillance devices in tooth implants and the like are years away... internet buy-in and i-phones are for today...




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