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Re: Partlycloudy

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2018, at 22:37:37

In reply to Re: Partlycloudy, posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2018, at 22:25:11

and partly it is about how people choose to weild power.

i guess we were supposed to outgrow, here.

like aa and na. when all goes well you outgrow them.

why would you keep coming back to a site that is about mental health support? do you still need support for your mental health, after all these years?

i need a way of processing and working through and there is nobody for me to talk to in this country because everyone here has an interest in keeping me powerless and weak and sick. because this is how this country prefers to keep me.

the money thing... i still don't get it. the government prints off a pile of money and calls it 'gdp'. then it distributes it to the people in various ways, for them to give to each other in exchange for goods and services. and there is some centralisation of this which makes it possible for people to travel overseas and use money... exchange rates... and of course they don't need to print off money (that costs money haha) it is just a bunch of numbers that are viewable on a website momentarily... and funds transfers go through at point of sale which allows purchase... or not.

and the government thought that instead of going from secondary school to jobs it would be better if people went from secondary school to university. and people's bank accounts would grow in the + direction they would grow in the - direction (as people would live off of loans instead off of earnings). and people wouldn't get paid for doing jobs that involved pushing paper around, rather they would become endebted for doing jobs that involved pushing paper around.

we don't want people working towards carrots, we want people working to flee sticks. or something.

none of this makes any sense, at all, to me.

except that if you want your kid to have a chance of a good life... well... i guess it is cambridge curriculum for high school and try for university scholarship overseas. because here... they don't even pretend to grade things fairly (rewarding quality or rewarding volume of information accurately recalled)... there is no encouraging (or even allowing) good work, here.

just a bunch of people playing some awful game of warily eyeing one another and a basic inability to grasp anything of value and work towards the pursuit of that. just a frantic flurry of undermining any glimmer of that in others. at which point they get to go 'see! see! see! we were right!'

what did the public health people... the surgeon general and all that... what did the people put in our water?




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