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Re: Partlycloudy

Posted by alexandra_k on September 15, 2018, at 20:51:09

In reply to Re: Partlycloudy Clearskies, posted by alexandra_k on September 15, 2018, at 20:17:12

I ran into the cleaner of the res hall I was in last year, in the supermarket.

She was awful. She would want to yak yak yak yak yak for ages. And all the yak would be complain this and gossip that. It would be all `I'm not doing good / well' for this, that, and the other reason.

Anyway, she was looking terrific. She was looking a good 10 years younger for having retired. But she was same old same old full of complaints.

She complained that she didn't feel welcome back there, anymore. She would go back and hang out with the people for morning tea, you see.

But the trouble would have been that she would have made morning tea 40 minutes of yak yak yakking about her and everything wrong with her and how awful everything is.

Every morning there would be like a 40 minute slot or whatever where she's hover around the stair well so you simply couldn't avoid her if you wanted to get down for breakfast.

Every week day morning you would have to deal with her as the first person you saw when you left your room. And she'd have a complain about how all her towels were going missing or about how the boy across the hall was leaving his room in such a state or about how...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww x. Pooooooooooooor you. Sympathy vibes for you. Sympathy vibes for you. Sympathy vibes for you. Sympathy vibes for you. Sympathy vibes for you.

Guilt. Shame. Pity. These were the emotions she would try and induce in you to get you back to Awwwwwwwwww x. Poooooooooor you. Sympathy vibes for you. Sympathy vibes for you. Sympathy vibes for you.

That was my mother all over. Awwwwwwwww x. That's okay. We can do whatever you want because you want. Sympathy vibes for you. Sympathy vibes for you.

And so she'd get to do whatever she wants.

Which was mostly not her job. I mean, she would not do her job. Vacumming... She would leave crap everywhere. She would not take out rubbish. She would not take leftover clothes from the laundry to the lost property. She would put her cleaner rags and cloths in the washer when she left for the day -- expecting someone else to move her washing out of the machine into the dryer and then into her laundry basket... in other words, she was creating *more* work for everyone else while *she was getting paid for it*.

I told her not to bother cleaning my room. Because if she told me she was vaccuming it weekly - and she wasn't... Then I might get sick from dust mites that feast off my skin flakes (not that I said it quite like that). But if I vaccumed it myself - then I'd know it had been done. Because she was lying about doing it. You can run your hands across the carpet (you surely can in my room) and get hair... I know my hair shed rate and I can tell if it's been vaccumed or not.

That was a good win for her, huh. Less work to do and more time for yak.

But then I think to myself... Why not simply fire her and hire someone competent? She does deserve a living wage because she is a person. But she is incompetent at that particular job. She needs to be doing something as part of a team where there is no opportunity for her to yak. maybe something involving something noisy. welding. i don't know. i don't know. but whatver it is... not that...

I wonder who cleans operating rooms. Or whether the surgeons gotta do that themselves. I bet in much of the world, the surgeons gotta do that themselves. Everything yourself. As much as you can of everything yourself. Because other people... Yak yak yak yak yak. pooooooor you. Empathy vibes for you. Empathy vibes for you. Empathy vibes for you.

There was this whole surgical checklist thing that was supposed to help. The idea was that at the start of the surgery... Day? Or every operation? Or every staff change? Everybody says what their name is and what their job is. To remind themself to focus on doing their job, you see. To say it out loud there. Right at the start.

Only... Apparently now there is some discussion about a checklist that needs to be done before the checklist. Because the staff buy-in still... Not there.

Of course I understand you don't finish an operation and go `I did it!' Maybe you did do - part of it - but the thing simply couldn't get done without everybody doing their job.

It's obvious.

But with the thesis. One person writing a book... Of course they are influenced by the ideas around them...

But you gotta go away from other people to do that. And most people can't. Most people seem driven by going about the place inducing others to go 'empathy vibes for you, empathy vibes for you, empathy vibes for you' on demand.

Which is... Energy draining. For me.

It's about being emotionally sensitive. Eh, PC? It's about feeling what others are feeling. Catching some of their vibe. It can be hard to develop the... Maturity to repond to that in a... I don't know the word... Complimentary way. It's a way that acknowledges the feeling and shows you something related for it to morph into. It provides... A way... Out... Or... Along...

I see some Mothers have it for their kids. Infants, even. The way they respond to their... Grizzles. Communications. The mother is responsive to their needs. Is it feeding time? It is sleeping time? There is a predictable schedule of events in an infants life... You can work out which it's likely to be... And the infant will communicate when it's time for the next event. In increasing degrees of... Insistance. You don't need to let them wind up to a state of upset before you respond to them 'demanding little arrogant little! thinks they know themself better than i do!!!! who do they think they are!!!'





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