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Re: Partlycloudy

Posted by alexandra_k on September 28, 2018, at 18:33:40

In reply to Re: Partlycloudy, posted by alexandra_k on September 28, 2018, at 18:17:47

when i was in Auckland last time Maaori vetoed me out. I probably was the only person they vetoed out.

partly it would have been because they would have heard someone say 'these students cant' get in from first year becuase they don't have the educational background, but they will have a genuine chance after doing a degree - perhaps your health science degree'. and, on that basis, they would have somehow justified failing me for their paper (as chemistry fails so many of 'their' students) so that i was in the same place as their students (fairs fair) of not being able to apply from first year.

never mind how many years work i'd put in previously... or how hard i worked at chemistry so that i wasn't being failed for chemistry...

they would have (genuinely) thought they were being fair. sigh. that's actually where things are at.

also... they thought i wasn't engaged. i have having such a hard time. you go and they spout stuff about how it will cost htis country too much money to help Maaori. because the freaking evil economimists in this country (easiest place in the world in which to do business!) go around bullying people in ways like this. they think they are being so very clever in stuff like 'there is an inevitable trade-off between equity and efficiency and if maaori do better that means everyone in theis country will be required to do worse'! and stuff like that. Or... whatever... people get hold of these puzzles. and then they teach like these are the facts they want you to regurgitate.

we are a developed nation (we aren't). we have a high standard of living (most of our people do not).

these are the sorts of 'facts' they want to hear back.


in essays...

when i disagree... doesn't matter about reasons or references or anything... they think i have failed to understand or i'm.. whatever. they fail me. because i'm not towing the party line where the party line is one leading to the extinction of their peoples.


i think it has been after that year that they no longer have veto power. the particlar course i was failed for (they didn't expect anyone to actually be failed for it since they pass stduents who fail most of everything else)... the particlar course i was failed for no longer is a necessary pass for med application. so if i were to do over that year (in other words - which i can't -- but going into the future for other people) they can't do that to any more people. they can fail people if they want but that doesn't matter for med application anymore. they have shown they can't be trusted to do that.

my thesis has to be partly about maaori so they can see that i have an eye to maaori development. i have no speaking rites but anyone who has the capacity to read it and who is connected to world literature and nze literature (teh treaty and so on) will know that i mean no harm to maaori and i am knowledgeable about and concerned about maaori issues and abotu being fair minded.

because i guess that... me being me... it might well be likely that going into the future... if i do get into med... i might get into trouble with gatekeepers for maaori at some point. i will do my best to smooth and keep my head down and so on... but there is only so mjuch i can do and i might possibly need a hand at some point with that. so this thesis needs to be good enough to make me worth it.




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