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Re: Partlycloudy

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2018, at 23:37:11

In reply to Re: Partlycloudy, posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2018, at 23:17:36

see, once you have identified that which is theraputic about the internet...

then a bunch of people have an interest in undermining what is theraputic about it.

because you have people whose life strategy is to prey upon the weak and they have an interest in keeping people weak and sick and so on.

i think that is probably the pattern, over and over. you want to be part of something that is lesser known and on the up. you want to get out of it before it hits it's peak. it's only downhill from there.

i've been part of a couple things when they were on the up. here was one of them.

i'm not here so much from reminiscence... clinging to some (false) ideal about the way things used to be...

i'm here partly trying to understand what it was about both of those projects that made them on the up... what happened with respect to the peak... so i can use this going into the future with respect to figuring out what i'm going to do.

since returning to nz i haven't found anything on the up. i haven't found anything to invest in...

training programs i see hit a one person bottleneck and that one person will only advance people who... are either psychopathic (have the ability to display one face to the other while having another behind closed doors) or are genuinely blind / unable to see that which cannot be expressed (becuase that one person is hired precisely to fail that when seen).

i don't know how much it's market forces vs invisible hand guiding this country is worse directions.

i imagine our 'allies' have 'interests' in keeping us a detention facility for themselves...

but i imagine our 'allies' also do have 'interests' in having us develop into better trading partners with actual stuff of merit / value to bring to the freaking table, for a change.

anyway.. fingers crossed i get to get started... i know i'll have to be pretty pro-active with respect to getting and keeping things lined up... because the district health boards have more an interest in keeping people incompetent and cheap and labouring for hours and hours and hours and hours just because... hell, why not? why not take $600,000 for yourself (just because you can) and make everyone elses life a living hell (just because you can) work hard to undermine the public sector (just because you can) to promote the private industry (you chose to invest all that public money in).

i think you gotta do a couple years with a dhb... i'll take a look. pretty sure you can apply for some kind of refugee thing to australia... work hard... head down... get out as soon as you can. people here *prefer* to live this way. they would rather have a colony of slaves to lord over. they see they would not be given such opportunity in life any other developed nation in the world. this is the country that they made.




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