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Re: Partlycloudy

Posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2018, at 5:42:41

In reply to Re: Partlycloudy Clearskies, posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2018, at 4:07:54

It is funny (strange not haha) the professional thing.

Nobody doubted my professionalism during my undergraduate degree. People seemed fairly impressed by me and the doctoral student. Impressed that we turned up to conferences with our papers finished and polished. Impressed that we attended a talk in every stream (and didn't skyve off because we were still finishing our own work or because we decided to go sightseeing). Impressed that our talks were properly polished (from papers) and we wern't obviously woffling or rambling because we hadn't finished writing them. Or not just playing it off the cuff.

None of my students behaved unprofessionally towards me, I don't think. And I don't think I behaved unprofessionally towards my students. Things were a bit stiff and formal, if anything. Certainly not my being gushy with them or spending tutorials yakking at them. I did learn a lot tutoring some law students, though, wherea all tutors were instructed to really take a back seat and the students were to prepare and run the tutorials themselves. I was impressed by how much the law students really prepared a good summary of the material. Forcing them to do those presentations meant they came prepared and they were a great bunch to teach.

I was considered professional enough in my conduct to get to go to the US. To help teach ethics to kids - some of whom were pre-med. I was allowed to grade their work (though that was checked -- and I greatly respect the professionlism of that process).

It has only been since my return to NZ that people have treated me like such garbage. Not enough to live anywhere habitable. Not enough to live with people who are able to give me space (instead of people who psychologically need me to be there for them). Not enough to eat healthy food while studying a demanding sport science program. Not enough to ... Not enough. Then when you ask for help because you aren't coping then out come the security guards to push you and shove you and rant at your lack of professionalism. To charge you with abusing them and so on.

Any unprofessionalism in my conduct in more recent years is in direct response to that sort of treatment.

Do we really think that other people would behave any different?

And the things I'd done that were supposedly unprofessional. If a judge was shown the video footage of my behaviour then they would see things in context. Which is why a judge wasn't shown any of the video footage. Which is why you gotta go around with a film camera taped to your head if you are poor and want to be treated professionally in these parts.

A woman with a baby and a Maaori as Vice Prime Minister. Avitars born out of a con-muniscations department from... Somewhere. From wherever they will collect their superannuation from, I guess. To disguise the fact that things are disgustingly uncivilised and unfair for so many of our children and Maaori people. But it's okay, our Prime Minister is the one going around blessing 'this is a vulernable child' on their heads.

Whose your mummy? In the name of equity, no less.




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