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Re: Partlycloudy

Posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2018, at 16:25:04

In reply to Re: Partlycloudy, posted by alexandra_k on September 17, 2018, at 7:13:18

I'm wary of appealing to statistics. To any kind of statistics. Any appeal to statistics is like appealing to a claim like 'eggs are good'. I just mean to say that the statistical claim is meaningless. Rather, you need to know what question they asked and how they collected their data and then the raw data and so on... So you can assess whether there is sample bias and in what direction and so on... And there is an industry in telling the story this, that, and the other way for this, that, and the other effect.

And I do get that apparently now statistics are coming out that... diverge from the 'party line'. Only... I don't see that their use of statistics is any... More rigerous than the 'opposition'. It's just... More of the same. The *quality* of the debate hasn't picked up.

I have decided / realised that things are significantly worse in this country than how they used to be. During my time away this country really took a dive downhill for the worse. Presently most of our infrastructure is empty. Universities are empty. There is a dearth of skilled staff. A dearth of competent lecturing staff.

We've been taken over by admin. The developments are all structures and even spaces to divert attention away from the fact that: *There's nobody home*. It's the economic thing they do when they discover the assets when immediately liquidated are worth more than the value of the thing and so they buy out the thing and liquidate and say there's a *restructure* which involves firing skilled people and fleshing things out with masses of... Drones... To try and disguise for as long as possible that *there's nobody home*.

Because they want to collect the money from international student fees for as long as possible, I suppose.

And if they offer a Medical Degree (particularly) that looks to be a back door into Australia...

Well, they can free-ride off of that for a while.

Presently Dentistry is working pretty hard. And dental technology. The only people walking around here with smart navy blue scrubs are *dental technicians*. I met some of them in physics. They were lovely. The whole table was significantly struggling and they were crying *why do we have to do this course!!!!!*.

The books are still being culled from the libraries. And the individual desks are being removed to be replaced by long benches. I guess it will be easier to remove (burn?) a few long benches at the end of the day than many many many individual desks.

The physical infrastructure is being dismantled and shipped off.

That's how come when you aren't forced into the herd (e.g., with 1,500 people split across 2 or 3 lecture theatres) you see how empty things are. Like Auckland traffic which is only a nightmare because *everybody must* be at work at *exactly the same time* and *everybody must* leave work at *exactly the same time* which creates an artificial jam.

You only need to leave 30 minutes later to see...

*There's mostly nobody home*. And nobody on the roads... And outside term time the whole housing shortage crisis thing in central Auckland... There's nobody home there, either.

Come summertime central Auckland is as deserted as Canberra.




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