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Re: Partlycloudy

Posted by alexandra_k on September 23, 2018, at 22:29:24

In reply to Re: Partlycloudy, posted by alexandra_k on September 23, 2018, at 3:01:57

because i did do the work.
i did my 6 month review (at the 12 month mark - along with my cohort).
i did my mid-term.

my supervisor refused to acknowledge it *as* my review, and *as* my mid-term. he kept saying it wasn't good enough, or it wasn't of the right format, or...

and i was supposed to stand up to him. only... i didn't want to play that awful game. i didn't realise he was playing an awful game. i didn't realise he was being horrible to me becuase he thought it was somehow his job to be horrible to me. some hazing or right of passage or i don't know. and i don't much care.

i wanted to do philosophy because i was intellectually curious about things and i wanted to learn about things. but i seemed to be learning that mostly i wasn't being taught anything i actually had come to want to learn about. so... i pursued learning about the things i wanted to learn about.

and here we are.

there was this whole thing about kids and then being expected to earn your keep or bring something to the table.

but lets remember the whole government distribution system (not talking about taxes talking about gross earnings)...

why is it in the nations interests to keep their people weak and powerless and uneducated and sick and... awful.

most especially when the people have intrinsic desire / capacity to contribute towards the development of... more than that.



why keep the people idle?

i guess people are still riding the wave of the financial crisis. it was predictably late hitting these shores... or something. i don't know.

beam me up

i guess the bottleneck thing is mostly to teach people to get the hell out of academia. universities. to get people looking into private sector. seeing the psychopaths the universities hail as mighty leaders and all that. it's not about the best grades. i got the best grades before and where did that get me? i was supposed to take my place as bottleneck for students with capacity for more. i was supposed to take my public sector job (i can't believe they pay me so much for doing so little). (i can't believe they give me a job doing x when i'm incompetent at x and not doing y when i'm competetent at y).

all this is because i haveh to revise and resubmit.


i hate philosophy




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