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Re: Partlycloudy

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2018, at 22:56:07

In reply to Re: Partlycloudy, posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2018, at 22:37:37

and this place is a commons... tragedy of...

it was about the balance / distribution of power.

i guess it is a development thing.

to start out... you need your mother, or whatever. you are not able to have your needs met and you need someone else to provide for you.

but then you start to grow and develop, in response to that nourishment. you start to do more and more of those things for yourself.

and eventually you have grown and developed to the point where you can look after yourself better than anybody else can look after you. you have this privaledged access to your body (and it's physiological needs) because you are attached to it, rather. It lets you know what's up.

But there is still something about the balance / distribution of power. Where it is helpful to have some kind of imput or weighing in from another. Another who has your best interest behind the reccommendation. Whether that be a family who genuinely loves you. A financial advisor acting from genuine fiduciary duty. A consultant... Consultation... Informed consent. Morality. People get it. People have an interest in exploiting it. People have an interest in having children to hold them up as hostages to try and get their own needs met. People have an interest in breeding a colony of worker-people or slaves.

And this site... Got lost in the transition of power. The Oligarchy phase. Because the people in the oligarchy wanted more power still...

And of course the real killer was the development of an infrastructure that promised (seemed to provide) complete control for the individual user.

You don't want to read x's posts - you can make it so they will not appear for you!

You don't want y to read your posts - you can make it so your posts will not appear for y!

You want to rewrite history (edit / revise / delete) your post posts? Okay.

Complete user control.

People wanted to be in control of their own site. Wanted it to feel that way. That was what facebook or whatever seemed to provide. That here... Would not.

It's a developmental thing...

I'm still here because I live in a commons of a country... The whole country here is tragey of commons. Failure of organisation.

Bob was a great man who held things together here for quite some time. So very many people. For quite some time. Fairly much single-handedly. I think he probably did make mistakes and eventually the whole thing got to be too much for him. I suppose people got blocked because... He couldn't handle them. He couldn't deal with them. Or maybe he thought this site was bad for them / holding them back from developing IRL... I don't know...

Point is that I feel like here showed me something of looking out for other people putting their interests first. Because ones own are adequately taken care of. That's what makes that possible. But something like that.

Because like the little girl in teh supermarket who was able to be helpful because she was able to stand and wait while I figured what would be useful and she was able to listen and follow instructions because she could see that all that was what was actually needed... And there was a rightness and flow about it all. There was osmething of that to here... And it helps me feel less crazy. Becuase here so much in my life here in this world irl I dont see anything of this. I just see people puffing out their chests and petty squabbles. No.. self reflection. no personal development or growth.

I saw some very fine minds in philosophy but I wondered why they didn't put their minds to trying to solve some of the hardest problems... I see now they were just struggling to stay afloat... I don't know. Why can't we listen to people when it comes to what they think is good for them? Why we gotta control them differently?

I guess that is what Bob represents for most people and that is why most people left. The promise of greater control over on facebook or whatever.

But who am I going to talk to over on facebook or whatever? Those same people who irl are happy to see me weak and powerless and grovelling to not be failed just beause the people in charge of me have the power and get a kick out of abusing it?

I don't know. I suspect it's the medium here. Writing. I used to journal irl oh yes I did.

Why not just journal for myself personally then?

Becuase every so rareely... Occasionally... Someone somewhere asks a question or makes a comment or something... And I'm infinitely better because of it. SOmething to remind me of I'm not alone. And I'm so much the better for that.




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