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Re: Partlycloudy

Posted by Clearskies on September 16, 2018, at 0:01:25

In reply to Re: Partlycloudy, posted by alexandra_k on September 15, 2018, at 23:02:33

> > >
> yes. thanks, pc :) you are good for me to talk to.

> but none of this is my job.
> and it is when you are trying to get a good team. you are partly responsible for making that. i do get that. i do. and i also get that it is really common for people to not see and appreciate some of the... unseen... things that people do. like putting things in the steraliser and not just giving them a quick little wipe with their hanky.
> but i was paying to live in the residental hall. i wasn't been employed by the hall at all. i wasn't having my rent subsidised for me to play any kind of role in any of that.
> and when i did bring things to the attention of managers whose job it was... they were completely dismissive of me. i mean, literally. when i said it would be good to wipe doorhandles and hand rails with disinfectant occasionally i got a `rubbish rubbish there are germs everywhere and if you wipe them the germs will only come back' type of response. in favor of never wiping these things. not even during times of... flu epidemic. in residential halls...
> so...
> i will see what she says. i don't want to be domineering... only... i'm starting to see that you actually have to be. like the scrubs episode where doctor cox tried to be JDs friend and then JD didn't listen to him when he said something important.
> i guess... partly it is about how much you want to get your team members doing tehir job by trying to get them to do it by way of inducing shame and guilt in them.

> but i also need to be on a team where people are focused on team outcome. not on undermining the team outcome for their own ends.
> i think my supervisor... and the dean... are testing me.
> i choose to believe.
> (((pc)))
> i am glad you are here.
> how many treatments do you have left? are you still feeling more functional?

I start back on Monday morning for my final 15 sessions. Im doing well. I cant detect any entropy setting in as I expect it will. After that some minor surgery with a months recuperation. Ive got another challenging bit ahead for me.




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