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Re: Partlycloudy

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2018, at 22:25:11

In reply to Re: Partlycloudy, posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2018, at 22:12:35

and it really is about civilisation. and it really is about cognitive capacity. it's an odd kind of cognitive capacity, though, and one i don't know how to characterise. it seems to me that some people with intellectual impairment (e.g., down's syndrome, learning disorder) some very young children display this sort of capacity... and some other people simply don't. there is something where a person is just fairly exclusively focused on other people. on controlling other people to do what they want. and this results in things being pretty awful for the people around them / the people in their control. only you get other people just like them and so they vie for power...

and no collaborative work gets done. there is no... short term hit for a longer term reward. there is no... civilisation. such environments aren't productive. nobody is allowed to do anything that the biggest bully doesn't approve of. the biggest bully will claim all the fruits for themself. there is no cognitive capacity to see the bigger picture.

what can you do in the face of this?

i don't know. you just try and keep your head down and get away from them. I think there was something of that... this idea that it doesn't matter what you do (ie a job) with your life... it's more about getting in with a group of people who aren't awful. who don't treat you awfully...

learning why to keep the head down.

it is like civilisation is always, by it's very nature, transitory and fleeting. it always will be overrun by psychopaths. it emerges from cognitive capacity but it's always... aspirational. idealistic. people working towards something. intentional. teleological. then the brute forces of natural selection catch up and the psychopaths infiltrate and take over. over and over and over again. gotta keep your head down and keep running away...

that's why so much of my recent life has felt like i've been locked out. because the people have huddled away because they can't afford to... and you got these awful bully people walking around with their chests puffed out... everything to lose by people around them thinking they won't buy in / they don't have to / they don't want to play their game.

there isn't medicine here. nor law. nor engineering. pretty sure. foreign contractors when at all. people who are getting rich off of *other people* taking a fall. *other people* far removed from them. *other people* who arne't capacble of doing good, honest business, anyway.

nobody in their right mind would voluntarily stay here in this environment. not unless they chose this way of life for themselves. because they *enjoy* it. because they *want to be part of it*.

it really is very awful here.




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