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oh, i fell for it... Scott in Vermont

Posted by karen_kay on June 11, 2004, at 11:46:26

In reply to Re: speaking of which karen_kay, posted by Scott in Vermont on June 10, 2004, at 13:09:55

i went to and you know what????? there is NO such place. you lied to me. how could you lie, and so early in our relationship? i thought this was going to be built on trust and honesty? and i REALLY thought i was going to see the x rack. you left me feeling very vulnerable and sad that i don't have a chance to view the x rack. i'm also upset that you're thinking 'ha! i pulled a fast one over on her' well mr, nothing gets by me.

and i'm not needy (please love me!!!)!!!! nor am i high maintenance. i'm not the one demanding everything under the sun (just a pony, place to live rent free, your 6 best friends, air conditioning, and your car. is that too much to ask?). you, on the other hand sir, would be demanding quite a bit from me. you'd expect me to work in the garden, when instead, i could be loafing around the house drinking. you'd expect me to entertain you and your 6 best friends (oh wait, that was my idea, wasn't it?). you'd expect me to sing and dance (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! you've obviously never heard my voice or seen me walk). seems to me, you're the one who's demanding and needy.

and then, to add insult to injury, you tell me i should start investigating my other offers? you fool me by posting a site that doesn't exist. you tempt me with your x rack (which i don't even think exists). and try to lure me to vermont with your offer that sounds too good to be true. and then, you call me needy and high maintenance? and tell me to look elsewhere. is this your attempt at reverse psychology? are you trying to get me to come, by saying you don't want me there? i thought things were good between us scott, i really did. and i was SO ready to play on the x rack (but only after being punished of course). and then you snatch it away, just when it's within my grasp? i'm feeling highly offended now. in fact, i may have to seek therapy after this. will you offer to pay for it? it is your fault, after all.

but scott, i'm very forgiving. and i'll take you up on your offer to start over again. so, let's try this one more time and forget all the mean words that have been uttered (by you of course. i'm never mean or demanding or needy or manipulative or whatever else you called me). so, i'll start first, ok?

hi scott. i'm karen. how's vermont this time of year? i've heard it's lovely right now. i might be interested in visiting vermont some time in the near future. do you think you could find me a place to stay?

(the ball's in your court now. try to woo me over, ok? :)




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