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speaking of which Scott in Vermont

Posted by karen_kay on June 9, 2004, at 19:08:20

In reply to Tag, you're it! karen_kay, posted by Scott in Vermont on June 9, 2004, at 15:38:18

glad to see you up again. that's always a good sign, unless it's not my turn for which. (i did have to reread that at least 3 times to figure out what you were talking about. i did warn you i can be quite dense. but also, wouldn't that business of scheduling fall into the correct category anyway? i mean, it would be under the 'to do' list, correct? i'm not good with logic, but it seems to me, that would honestly fall under the to do list. and it wouldn't really be new business, since there would be nothing new about it. perhaps if there was a new friend there, then it would fall under the new business catergory, but i still think it would be appropriate under either category, right?)

and is there really a such thing as homemade donuts? i've never heard of this nonsense...

and i still don't think the basement sounds like a bad place. do you have a picture of the 'x' rack you can send me, to assure me it's not fun? does it look sort of like a pony? when someone's on the x rack, do you take pictures? are they at least naked? give me something to look forward to here. i have a feeling if i were there, i may be spending quite a bit of time on the x rack. and the first day, i'd have to test you, just to see the x rack.

the fighting part sounds fun too. do you regularly schedule fights, like every other saturday? or, could i at least instigate a fight just to participate? sometimes i just like to fight and i often go looking for one. would that be ok? would you hold it against me if i fought often? and what if i lost, would i then be the laughing stock of the community? do you think i could beat up your girlfriend? i'm fairly certain i could take her. just give me the chance.

about love: i beg to differ with you. (and no, i'm not looking for a fight right now) i do believe you would fall madly in love with me the moment you talked to me and met me. you can try and pretend otherwise, but i can be very persuading if i feel the need to be.

so, i could introduce you as my boyfriend? could i call you my old man instead? i'm not fond of the b word. and i'd want you to introduce me as princess kk. would that be ok with you? and would you treat me like the princess i am? of course, i couldn't agree to any of this until you agreed to both introduce and treat me like a princess. oh, and do you have air conditioning in your house? and are the floors carpet or wood? if i'm going to be 'playing' with your friends, i couldn't meet your parents with carpet burn now could i? that wouldn't be acceptable.

about your girlfriend.... when i mentioned using her as a pawn, i meant taking her from you completely. would that be frowned upon? if so, would that be a dismissal or just a trip to the basement? (and again, i don't think the basement sounds as bad as you pretend it is. i think i'd be spending much of my free time in the basement.)

and what if i threatened to leave, but only to get your attention? so that you would take better care of me or buy me gifts. would that also be frowned upon? would you encourage me to stay or tell me to pack up? and if you told me to pack up and go, would you at least give me some money for the road? so i could buy the next guy lunch?

how much money are you willing to invest in the 'kk breast fund'? this is a very important matter indeed. if you could contribute about 95%, then i'd be willing to find a way to raise the rest. they aren't for me, mind you. they'd be for the community.

if you bought me gifts, would i then be expected to also buy you gifts? how would i get the money for such things? wouldn't my company be gift enough for you? listen up (if you are thinking 'no way! company is not gift enough.' i have plenty of people who would be willing to pay for my company. don't think i don't have other offers available. in fact, so many offers they are knocking at my door. so, i can't give you gifts unless i make you a picture out of macaroni (which may not be good since there seems to be a shortage of food). but, i can however tell you i need money to get you a gift and spend it on myself. would that be frowned upon? oh, and i can't keep money either. it seems to run as fast as i get it. is that a problem? ohhh, and would you help pay off my student loan debts too? if you say yes, i'm there!

you said you'd reconsider the pony. but, what about the car? would you have the title legally changed over to my name? forget the pony, i want a car in MY name. is that a possibility? (and all because of my height? you sure are easy to please, know it?)

and i love overalls! i have a few pictures of me gardening in overalls. i somehow lost my last few pairs :( *oh, and does it matter that i sometimes lose things? if i lost something, would you replace it? like say, the car you just got in my name?

and can my sisters come and stay too? what if they leave their kids at home?

i'd need to arrive before the end of august to help with the garden? you sure know how to sweet-talk! it's only june right now, so i have soem time to think about this before actually commiting. your offer sounds very good, but i know that people tend to talk up certain aspects and down play others.... so, what about your children? are they well behaved? would i have to have some sort of contact with them, if i were to move in? could i hide in the basement until they left? and would everyone make fun of me for doing silly things, as i'm quite apt to do? say, for instance, i got lost in the woods while frolicking? would everyone laugh at me for that or think it's cute? and if i wrecked your car, would you be mad at me or be able to laugh about it? adn since you have 3 bedrooms and 5 beds, where do you put the extra 2 beds? do you have more than one bed in a room, or do you simply sling a mattress where ever it will fit? and is your house clean or dirty? and you do have coffee, right? and you'd fix me breakfast in bed, wouldn't you (though i couldn't eat it until after noon)? and you'd laugh at all my jokes, right? and when i laughed even if you weren't being funny, you'd laugh too right? and you'd never get mad at me, right? even if i tried to sell your house? (yes, i do sometimes get plans in my head that i feel i must act upon.) you'd laugh if you came home and there was a 'for sale' sign in your front yard, right? and we could travel some too, right? not just to visit your folks, but where ever i wanted, right? if you couldn't travel, your girlfriend and i could travel and you'd fund our adventure, right? promise?

it sounds like a good plan at this point, but you've yet to completely convince me to up and move to montana (or vermont, whatever). what if i just had to do something at that moment, would you try to stop me? for example, what if i just HAD to travel across the us to follow a band around, would you give me money to do so? while i'm not looking for a relationship, i am looking for a financier for my adventures. could you do that, even if i brought back a few groupies to also add to the community? see, it would be for the good of the community after all. more people equals less work, remember?




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