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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on November 30, 2017, at 18:12:02

In reply to Re: politics, posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2017, at 21:04:27

There really is no help. All these agencies... I think it is that they learn how to make a case to the government that the government is supposed to provide this, that, and the other, to the people. But a lot of people aren't getting this, that, and the other. They say that they can 'co-ordinate services' so that more people can get what they need, or whatever. They get a bunch of money to do 'service co-ordination'. Then you end up with all these service co-ordinators but no actual services.

All these 'helpful people' want to help me in my lonliness by helping me join a club. Because somehow my lonliness must have meant that I missed out on seeing that the Students Union has over a hundred clubs. Somehow my lonliness must have meant that I missed out on seeing how the public libraries and art galleries and museums and gardens and beaches and streets and parks are full of lonely people who are only too happy to interact with you (whenever they demand it to be so).

We hear there aren't enough state owned houses to meet demand for them - but I'm hearing that they simply will not put me down as requiring what it is in fact that I actually do require. So... They don't even have an acurate picture of what it is that the people are wanting.

All we hear is people with large families. They are constantly marketing that people should produce large families. We are constantly told that they must do this because it is their cultural right and so on.

I think we are the worlds experiment in too many children.

Apparently our plunket program reduced our infant mortality to the lowest in the world.

Then we withdrew social services. I mean... What are teachers to do in classroom sizes of over 30 kids? But school isn't about reading, writing and arithmetic. It is about producing people who can live in their communities. And the communities obviously don't want things like clean drinking water and sanitation (engineers), access to healthcare (doctors), access to legal representation (lawyers) because the communities won't let the kids learn reading writing and arithmetic even when the kids are both willing and able to learn these things. All you need is 1 or 2 or 3 who are either unwilling or unable to learn these things and nobody is allowed to learn these things in the public system.

Either your parents teach you or they privately employ someone to teach you. Nobody is learning anything in the public schools.

Just things like... How to carry your individual surveillance device with you at all times. Stuff like that is what we need for people to know, in their communities.

I didn't realise just how fragile civilisation was. Just little pockets of it here, and there. Mostly not. Most people don't have High School Graduation level skills of reading, writing, arithmetic. We tell them it's culturally inappropriate for them to have such skills and so on.

I didn't realise just how hard housing was going to be.

I didn't realise just how next ot impossible it was to be a person in a so called developed country. To be fair, I suppose it is similarly impossible to be a person in other so called developed countries. Is it? I don't know... I keep thinking that it would be more likely I would have been identified and taken out / educated properly if I had have been raised in a similar(ish) sort of community anyplace else...

I remember.. The school inspectors etc etc did come. When I was very young. They just decided... They decided that it would be better for my community to keep me in it.

My life has never been allowed to be about what is best for me. It has never been allowed to be about what is best for me may be what enables me to contribute my best to the development of the community where I am best fitted / suited.

Other people seem determined to live in sh*t...

I don't want to live, like this.

It really is a rational position.

I do understand that people have this fear that all the people for whom their lives are actually unacceptable... All teh people for whom there is only false hope.. If they all upped and killed themselves then a bunch of people who are happy about their misery today would be unahppy about their lack of misery tomorrow. These people... It's about them, of course. It's always about them.

I'm back in that place again where I can't ask for help, appropriately. That's basically the 'helping' services, here. They waste your time and so on and so forth and watch the situation (predictably) escalate. So then they get to go that you weren't deserving or whatever of help, anyway, because you weren't appropriately supplicant, or whatever.

Their job is basically to delay delay delay until the people go away or die. Death is actually the better solution... Since I'm not going to be allowed to contribute to this country... I'm expected to live my life as though it was a drain on it while people... Profiteer from my misery... From my inability to get away from them...

This is freedom? A free country? Free range... You are free to range freely in the public spaces where you are free to make friends and never be lonely...

We will pretend your biggest problem is lonliness always always...

The solution is for other people to freely hit you and punch you and push you... To mock you and guilt you and cajole you...

That's whats best for your community, alex. Of course.

It takes a village to raise a child, they say. But you don't have to ask your villages permission to have a child that the village is expected to raise.

People insist on having their children... It is their right.

And then they insist that I must interact with them on demand / look after them. Because I have the right to community and I must never be lonely.

Beam me up.

Tick tock.




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