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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on December 1, 2017, at 18:04:09

In reply to Re: politics, posted by alexandra_k on December 1, 2017, at 17:39:21

And the grades thing is b*llsh*t, I realise. Not quite throw them up the stairs and see which ones fly the furtherest, but generally speaking there is an incompetence. An inability.

Graders are unable to distinguish the difference between the essay that someone wrote in 1/2 an hour without having attended the lectures or done the readings and the essay that someone wrote in several days after attending the lectures and doing the readings.

In science classes... They ask questions on content they haven't taught. I don't know where they are pulling their questions from... And some of the questions are terrible questions (ill formed, contradictory etc) which suggests that they are (at least sometimes) trying to write them themselves...

I think there is this idea that things are random. They want things to be random. They can't distinguish the difference.

I don't know.

There is this inability / unwillingness to focus on training / teaching people for high quality tests / assessment.

It was like... There once was a program that had a really productive research school with academics who were very productive and much the subject of other peoples writing from all around the world. You might think that the undergraduate program in the vicinity would focus on teaching the undergraduates about their work such that the best of them could transition smoothly into being productive members of the research school. But, no, the undergraduate curriculum was fill of people trying to teach *their* work...

There once was a program that had a heavy hand in developing medical curriculum and assessment. You might think that other medical programs would do what they could to be part of and help develop and extend the curriculum and prepare their own students as best they could for the assessment.

But no, those other programs think they know better what to teach and how to assess... And of course their own students then tend to not do so well in the objective assessment and not do so well with respect to being selected on to actual training to be an actual doctor.


Local optima.

The housing thing is really getting to me. Has got to me.

I know, I know. I'm entitled. I'm expecting too much. I deserve to be taught a lesson. I deserve to be murdered in my sleep.

I know I sure as sh*t deserve to not have to live in the vicinity of poor people who choose to have kids despite their poverty. When I think of what I gave up in life in order to pursue my own education (at less cost to society). I'm f*ck*d if I'm going to stay here with people constantly trying to have me feel that I'm a burden on society. That I'm a drain on resources etc.

In a country that will not let me work.

That has me so focused on what to eat? what to eat? why are the awful people squarking all day? Why is that awful man bang bang banging in his shed so my life is so full of that... That no reading was done that day.

I've learned life really is not worth living, in some communities.

I need to not live in a community were I am unsuited. It isn't good for me. And it sure as sh*t isn't good for them. I'm learning to externalise...

Our psych institutions are full of a bunch of people detained against their will, apparently. Highest rate of that in the world. Really? I just heard that at disability conference. Involuntary committment in psychiatric institutions.

That will be why the Henry Bennett CEntre (where I spent an awful lot of my time) is no longer accredited for Psychiatry training. They aren't letting the students see what is going on in the centre anymore. Several forensics wards.

And the prisons are full.

And the overflowing prisoners and the people who want to be committed (therefore are thrust out into communities) are those getting state houses. In complexes.

YOu know the one... Where guy released from jail lives. And then he sees there isn't a male hanging over me. So he decides to be my friend. And when I don't seem interested he starts to blast pornography on the TV and make loud moaning noises etc. As is his right. Enjoyment of his own home.

This kind of community really wants alex.

For sure.





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