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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on December 1, 2017, at 17:39:21

In reply to Re: politics, posted by alexandra_k on November 30, 2017, at 22:33:02

It's about the decile rating of the school. I always thought that didn't matter, because I wasn't planning to have a kid and send it to the school. But the village is supposed to raise the kid and the kids are going to be walking about the village.

My school wanted to keep me because they got money for having me and I was easy to manage. I just got put in the corner with a book. That meant the teacher could spend the time they would have spent on me (if everyone got equal time) on a kid who couldn't read yet.

They didn't get me learning maths (were delighted I didn't just pick that up myself / my Mother didn't teach me) because they could make a case that I only had a tiny little pocket of competence. Mostly I fit right on on.

I remember they did have this take-out thing that happened after the inspectors came. We did really innane sh*t like drawing the first letter of our name in block capital and filling it with pictures and talking about what it represented to us. Me and 4 of the 'smartest kids' they could find. None of us were streamed into the highest ability class at High School, even. Only one of those was streamed into the second highest ability class at Secondary (and he didn't even go on to University, I don't think). The others were average or even below.

The highest stream was for the teachers kids.

It isn't just that I live beside a school, it's that I live beside one of the worst decile schools in the country. It isn't the sound of happy kids. It's the sound of hungry and / or beaten kids. Angry kids. Awful kids.

This country has always expected me to live in the sh*t with the shittest people there are. Because... It could. Because people could guilt me and cajole me into believing that this was the right place for me and this is what I deserve.

It isn't about governmnt bonded places... About following orders to commit atrocities... It's about seeing that committing atrocities is likely the solution to the problem... It's about the psychosis (or something) the... Dehumanisation... That occurs to you (in you) as you are forced to live in such an environment.

But there are people who enjoy being the boss of it. Largely... Insensible. Insensitive. People who realise their time is limited and... Their only option in life is to take what they can get for as long as they can get it because... Their capacity is limited.

Maybe their lives could have been different if people were kinder to them and if they were raised as a miniority in a moral majority.. That isn't likely to happen for them...

I am a great person. I have the capacity to be. Not being arrogant... Being... Realising...

And then this idea that there isn't any such thing as great people... It's about the environment that supports / enables them.

How about the environment that simply refrains from preventing them? The environment that lets them work on their schedule (that trusts they know best what is best for them) instead of them having to suffer constant micro-mismanagement by incompetents?

So many of our people leave...

That's why I get to thinking that it's just a place to raise (early years) the worlds rubbish... Take out the odd few...

Are great people... In part... Are they rare? I mean.. Do you need to have a high birth rate in order to produce them? Thinking... In civilisation great people are enabled by the society having certain things... Choosing to invest in certain things... But population size...

Why does NZ want to produce so many gamma babies (extremely liberal alcohol laws and saving oxygen deprived babies so fetal alcohol is around 4 percent and intellectual handicap so high)
Why do we want so many gamma babies for?

Is it replaceable parts? Bodies to experiment on?

We don't have informed consent.

Here's informed consent (to share information I provide in applying for state housing).

'The social housing outcomes worth study is a university of xxx study that looks at the effects of housing on health and wellbeing. Some of the information you give to the ministry of social decelopment and housing new zealand will also be used in the social housing outcomes worth study. However, the infromation given to researchers, and the final published research, will not identify you or your family by name'

This isn't informed consent.

If this isn't being bullied into participation (in order to apply for a state housing house you need to participate in research) then I don't know what is.

I don't know that this country wants my person.

which is very sad, really.

I grieve for it's stupidity.

At one point in time I said 'I don't believe I'd have accomplished half of what I have today if I'd have been raised in any other country'. Or similar.

Of course the truth is...

I'd likely have accomplished... 2x... 4x... 6x...




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