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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on November 30, 2017, at 22:00:00

In reply to Re: politics, posted by alexandra_k on November 30, 2017, at 18:28:12

I'm okay. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm not. That's why I bury things, here, where people don't read them...

I have this person who is able to come with me to my next social housing appointment. I think she sounds okay... Similar responses to me to various things. That's what you need, basically.

I was thinking... I don't know anyone who only owns one house. Well, my sister's kids own one house. They own apartments that they rent to people. They don't live in their investment apartments, though. Everyone else I know who owns one house, owns another house. That is a problem, really, you have all these people with... People pets.

One of my friends who owns rental property... Likes to talk about the people who are renting in it. She manages it herself... Means she gets to do property inspections, and the like. There is something... Dehumanising. About it all.

Apparently this government is about buying properties for more state houses. Ones that are responsive to need (since apparently the problem before was that the houses didn't match need and / or they were substandard in terms of heating and so on).

Perhaps the thing to do is to... Fill in the application form myself. Fill it in properly. Look at the policy criterion and make a case for what I need. Maybe they will buy me a house. Maybe they will enable me to rent to own it. That is supposed to be the idea of it...

Why not me?

Why must it always be about providing a 6 bedroom house to the people who decided to have 13 kids?

We will see...

I'm not about to lose it now, when I'm so close...

My supervisor is coming to town for conference. A bunch of people are. I'm... Trepidation... There are so many things I want to ask him... I wonder if I'll get to... I really want to know what he thinks about so many things... I feel like the prodigal child...

I'm scared I'll be forced into a boarding house where I feel physically unsafe.

I didn't realise that banks yay or nay mortgages for... F*ck knows why reasons. To keep black people in black neighbourhoods (in the US). To... F*ck knows what, over here.

I like to think it is about ensuring that people who need quiet in order to function highly in important jobs have the quiet they need in order to function.

Because... Communities... Much as they might go on about wanting to live in happy social friendly places... Want things like clean drinking water and bridges and houses that won't fall over, really. Engineers. And they don't want to go blind when that might have been prevented by a relatively simple operation. They don't want to need a heart transplant because they didn't get given antibiotics. They don't want bullies taking their stuff. Beating them up on the streets. Etc.


Thinking about what to do...

I think people are afraid that I'm sent out as bait.

Like how when I was younger the Maaori fulla's used to send me out to stick out my thumb to hitch a ride. Then, when some (usually dodgey guy) pulled over to give me a ride they would jump out of the bushes and jump in the car, too.

When I look for a rental property for myself people think there will be people lurking in the bushes, like that. Ready to jump out of the bushes and move in. That they will be the problem people, really.

If this support lady is presentable etc... Then if she comes along with me *as my support person* and we are on the same page about my having a quiet place in which to work and prepare meals etc...

Someone might decide I'd make a nice people-pet after all.

Is life really like this for... Everyone? Most everyone?




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