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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on November 18, 2017, at 22:18:18

In reply to Re: politics beckett2, posted by alexandra_k on November 17, 2017, at 21:57:48

I think I need to get a new case manager. Only, he isn't even a case manager. They don't seem to do case manager's anymore. Which makes it hard for me to apply for a new one / make sure I don't have to interact with him, anymore.

I don't trust him.

When I moved down from Auckland I did everything I could to keep moving costs down, since I was applying for government assistance. Instead of going with a proper moving company (which would have been more expensive) I got rid of a lot of stuff and sent it by this... Well... More of a courier / postal company, really. I really looked around and got a bunch of quotes, and everything. The lady from there (independently owned / operated franchise) really did me a solid in last minute there being a bit more stuff, and collecting it from my home (1 block over) and so on...

On the understanding that she would be paid (by Work and Income - who had okayed everything from the Auckland end).

Then I arrive here... And he tries to get her to arrange for the stuff to be delivered to me / released to me without the payment going through. He starts trying to haggle over the amount of money. He makes her go all the way in to a Work and Income office in Auckland to pick up a form, to fill out the form, to be an authorised payee for payment... Then makes her wait 3 weeks for payment (without accepting that typically there would be a storage fee on late payments). He basically... Bullied her into accepting something because she felt she had no option.

NOt a person I want doing business with. Not a person I want doing business on my behalf.

Here... The only way I could afford to move into my current accommodation was to sum a bunch of catered weeks together with a bunch of non-catered weeks then divide it by 52 for a weekly rent rate that was (only just) within my ability to pay. It was understood that I would have problems with food once the catering ran out at at the end of the year - but decided to worry about that later.

Anyway... Now we are at the end of the year and the people here have done me a solid in sayign I don't have to pay for longer than I stay and I can leave early - that is okay with them. So I'm free to move and able to be flexible with moving into a new place. It's also less money from me than they planned on (they usually consider yearly amounts they get from contracts for the academic year...)

He keeps on about wanting to talk to the head of here to see why I have to leave and why I can't stay and why my rent can't be cheaper.

Whenever I express an interest in a place he says it's too expensive and he wants to ring and haggle about a cheaper rate.

Nobody (respectable) will do business with me if he has anything to do with it.

Why so much awful?




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