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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on December 5, 2017, at 20:11:41

In reply to Re: politics, posted by alexandra_k on December 1, 2017, at 18:04:09

I'm really not doing so well. Needing to ask for food grant assistance every few days. Not having a fridge to store stuff in, so eating oddly. Running out of food grant.

Bang and scream and squarp from out my window, fairly constantly. Worse now, with warmer weather meaning I need to keep windows open. Unable to get undisturbed sleep.

It is about it being costly to punish. If I need peace and quiet and someone else likes to bang bang bang then... Who is going to stop them? Who has the power to take the hammer or the drum sticks or whatever away? What are the chances that that would be sufficient, or that the person would retaliate in some way. Buy something else to bang with and to bang louder?

And in this way civilisation is undermined. We are all held hostage to the whims of the loudest bullies. That's not any kind of life for persons. It's a life for animals... For brutes... For savages...

Most people here aren't co-operative. THey aren't interested in fair bargains. They aren't interested in the idea of inter-personal interaction as being of mutual benefit. They start out with this idea that the smartest or most rational or whatever position is... Psychopathic. Basically. Take what you can for as long as you can because you can hurrah! Then when that seems to be failing you (as the people catch on) move away and rinse and repeat somewhere new.

Which would be a... Way to live. I guess. If you are interested in living like the brutes and savages.

Living here has certainly been a lesson in how people choose to live... Also a lesson in how lots of people really don't seem to mind. THey are happy enough to turn up their music or tv in response. To create a little noise pocket around them. To participate in an arms race of noise...

Then you need... Something... TO try and keep them out of certain other neighbourhoods.

I feel... Violated. My physical person. From the vibrations / noises. I don't feel that I have my own space when it's full of other peoples vibrations / noises. It feels like an assault on my physical person. It drives me to... Want to shoot myself in the head. Or them... HOnestly... It drives me insane. Then lack of sleep... I suppose people want to be locked up half the time because they just want a place where they can get some f*ck*ng sleep without being interfered with by the bullies and / or insensitive / insensible... homo sapiens... in their community.

It isn't about intellectual handicap. It is about something else. I don't know what that something else is... But intellectually handicapped people are (some of them) capable of conducting themselves with... Something along the lines of sensitivity and respect for persons. It isn't about intelligence... I don't know how to quantify... I have been thinking a lot about zombies...

I need to keep applying for funding with the government... And mostly... THere is nothing there. ALl it is is data collection. And all of the data is dutifully entered into foreign designed and managed software systems. To enable people to figure such correlations as 'how many people who apply for government assisted housing commit violent crimes in their neighbourhood in the next 2 years' and so on...

All the things like that...

The putting me... Putting my name into these groups. Saying that I (my person) belongs in the group that applied for housing. My person belongs int he group that applied for food assistance. And so on... SO then a number of inferences abotu mjy person can be made. You know, like how I'm predicted to commit a violent crime in the next few years (which is why I should be blocked out of certain neighbourhoods) and so on and so forth... I'm always expected to take the hit for others... When I'm the outlier... I was never meant to finish school, to go to uni, to complete a degree and so on... THen the fact that I did... Never counts in my favor...

I'm tired of being targeted as someone who would make good bait. TO keep the bullies occupied.

This is a filthy nasty country filled with opportunistic bullies. I don't see much in the way of persons here. This is mjy response to my predicament. Still... I don't have the urge to join the ruling class and inflict suffering on the masses...

We just can't seem to pull together. Can't seem to identify people capable of pulling together...

We are the most experimented on population in the world. With out alcohol laws... Breeding replaceable homo sapiens parts. A population of them. On which we can trial our this and our that. Otherwise... Strategic retreat. There really is... NOthing here, at all.


Not for me.

I don't know what it is. Why things are so horrible here. Pretty f*ck*ng sure I"m not at all interested in living, like this.

I don't understand why I'm always expected to.

I don't like homo sapiens very much, at all. Nasty things.




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