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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on November 18, 2017, at 22:52:31

In reply to Re: politics, posted by alexandra_k on November 18, 2017, at 22:25:07

And of course the fun isn't so much in actually having, or controlling a blow up doll / wooden doll. It's in how you take a person... And convert them into that. The process of eliminating their person and replacing it with yourself... Your will, your desires, you urges. Until there isn't any lifeforce left. Just a cardboard cutout sort of a thing with holes in the right places, depending on your proclivities.

Extreme hobbies. I think that was it. Not extreme sport. Maybe they were thinking Warhammer? Yeah, right.



I guess they probably are testing me, to see what I will do, and to see what my reaction will be.

I don't know why they do things this way... It was fairly f*ck*ng obvious to the people at Auckland City Mission that I was not like the drug dealers and prostitutes and pimps and the like... I was not like the political stagement homeless or the untreated mentally ill...

That's how come they actually helped me to relocate... To get assistance with that...

Whereas other people would come 'asking for assistance' where they were on a journey where they just... Wanted to interact with someone who didn't beat them for 5 minutes. Or, whatever. They were known. I think there was help there, in Auckland, here...

I don't know what they are thinking they are doing with me...



Peck peck pecking.

I know, Dr Bob, you are fond of 'what doesn't kill us makes us stronger'. I think there is a place for 'what peck peck peck peck pecks at us us like a drop of water on the stone... It will wear through granite... Tick tock.'


There aren't enough wooden dolls?

It's the conquest... Granite...

F*ck*ng cowboys down here, Dr Bob. Not in the good sense. Fronter... The rules don't apply... It's where the world sends it's unruly kids. That's partly why. It's because there isn't anything here - except from the University.

If I could tell the rental people that I actually was a Medical Student would that likely help me or harm me? Granite... Peck peck peck...

Who wants to live - like that?

FOr f*ck*ng real.




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