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Re: politics

Posted by alexandra_k on December 1, 2017, at 18:21:07

In reply to Re: politics, posted by alexandra_k on December 1, 2017, at 18:08:31

and i did get exactly what i needed for grades. so i got what i needed. check. and i won't be arrogant. that's the idea. i'll be supplicant. it's supposed to motivate me...

it's not supposed to be about my learning to have realistic self assessment. i don't know they are capable of realistic assessment in any meaningful sense, anyway.

i suppose all that matters is whether you are allowed to do it or not.

now it's about whether i'm allowed to live in a habitable house, or not.

i don't know what to do... i don't know how to cast it...

i can ask for help... but typically... people aren't much help. they are however many steps behind. they think (would have advised that) i can't do things that i've done (thus got them to happen for me). and so on...

this lady says she can only walk beside me. i like that. it sounds... like it might be true. it might be realistic self assessment on her part. which i value a great deal. yeah.

helping me figure what's reasonable...

i think the government should buy a house that would be suitable for me to live in. yeah. it would be terrific if i had the option to rent to own it. if it really was suitable... i could stay there for a number of years. i woudl actually be incentivised to. if i can actually study there and sleep there then things would work quite well...

and if i need to move on... away... i'm sure they wouldn't have any trouble finding another person just like me. a mature person with a need for privacy and quiet. i'm really sure they wouldn't have trouble filling it with a suitable applicant (i'm not that arrogant, really).

it's all about whether they let me...

i don't know what to do... view more expensive housing?

they believe tehy are incentivised into having me accept (or force me into) the crappiest sh*t hole they can. because, you know, this country doesn't need competent people to get on with their work.

i'm exhausted. if only i had my own space so i could refresh, recharge, renew then i'd be in the position to figure out how to get the space that i need.

i need to not live in / work too closely with people who choose to live in communities such as these.

i guess that might be why surgery might actually be feasible. don't have all that much of a person contact / person connection.

the more removed i am from the masses... the more i'm under the illusion the masses are more articulate and more caring and more... human... than they appear to be when i'm up too close an dpersonal with all their awful and dehumanising and bruitish personal choices.

teh replaceable parts...

that's why i said trauma and not joint replacements. things like surgical mesh... suture types... all these things... 'leftovers' from operations.. all these things that apparently don't require informed consent.

it's up to me to figure how to ask for informed consent appropriately.

need the space and time to figure it out. how to ask... how to view the situation.

you get to close to research and you start thinking 'nobody in their right might would consent to that' and then you start thinking 'we best not ask for informed consent since nobody in their right mind would consent to that'

it's not good.

i worry that living here might have been part of some learning experiene that is supposed to teach me why atrocities need to be committed to people against their will. that things must be done... that this must be the way of the world... to protect the pockets of civilisation...

stop corrupting alex. stoppit.

who profits?




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