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Re: Babble, lawful ? ert

Posted by alexandra_k on November 14, 2020, at 20:48:48

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ?, posted by ert on November 14, 2020, at 3:07:47

> Actually, this website should not have started.

It was ahead of the game, that's for sure. Raimonda said that the other day. About vaccines. About being ahead of the game.

It'll be a real game, getting things down to the southern hemisphere. Sh*t about to get real with respect to New Zealand's place in the world.

I thought that things might be smoothed over all nicely by our government...

But now...

I am thinking things won't be.

I don't think the world is terribly impressed by Jacinda Ardern, really, for putting the country into lockdown (unlawfully) and not putting a swift lid on media attention proclaiming how wonderful and admirable and world leading she was.

The terrible critique that New Zealand offered of the US and British etc etc leaders...

But we will be left crying for vaccine hand-outs along with countries like Samoa and the Cook Islands and the other developing nations who contribute nothing to their development or to their financing.

Cold chain. Huh.

What is New Zealand going to do to get cold storage and supply chain sorted to teh Cook Islands (our dependency)?

We haven't got it sorted, yet, with quarantine. We don't demonstrate basic understanding of the function of quarantine yet. I mean... People are travelling from NZ to the Cook Islands... Should they be isolating before arriving in the Cook Islands or after returning to New Zealand or both or neither?

The people working with those in quarantine (those who have tested positive) still don't have N95 masks. Still don't have them. There is no current shortage. Manufacturers have been asking 'how many do you want to purchase? How many do you need'? The Government has been choosing how many to order and the Government has been choosing it's policies on who wears them (nobody) and how often they change them (once per day?)...

While Ashley Bloomfield earns half a million dollars per year (regardless of how the election turns out) and he doesn't even need to save for his kids college education because they will get all the very very best of the public training places and the public scholarships for themselves.

There will be quite the game when it comes to vaccines...

1) By all accounts the problem isn't that people don't develop an immune response. The problem is that people have too severe an immune response and experience microclots etc. I would be worried about the incredibly high efficacy rate -- I would be worried about longer term consequences of too much of an immune response. I am curious to see about the longer term data...

2) They say the first people to get vaccines are healthcare workers and vulnerable people. Why healthcare workers? Most of them are low risk if they do get infected. They could be vectors? Having a vaccination doesn't prevent a person being a vector -- does it? So why do healthcare workers get to have vaccines? Why?

I'll tell you why: Because who is going to stop them, that's why.

We have this wonderful ability to trace things now... Especially with the 2 dose requirement... This wonderful ability to trace things from the manufacture to the arm. Which arms. Whose arms. And why. Then that is down on people's permanent health record. The decisions the informed doctors and healthcare workers made about who gets that first batch of vaccine (in particular) that is supposed to go to vulnerable people.

3) Mmmmm.... Yeah... I don't know how amenable the people will be in this part of the world. That won't stop the bully-tactics / bully-techniques that are typically employed. They'll just line the people up and give them the shots. The population is... COmpliant. Marajuana does that. Etc. I don't doubt the government isn't really worried at all about people not having the shots. I don't know... We recently had a debarcle about the flu shot. Turned out that healthcare workers were stockpiling them and they weren't ending up in arms. They were intending to keep them and sell them later to the highest bidder once the date rolled by where they anticipated high demand and high willingness to pay by people. So... Why give a vaccine to a homeless person who doesn't pay when you can sell that exact vaccine to someone who will give you $50 for it in a couple weeks?

We have carefully selected these people to the head of our health system. So...

It would be irrespondible to give us vaccines, really.

I mean... We don't have refridgeration.

HOw are our hand sanitiser orders looking? Are people still sanitising their hands?

That's why they don't get masks?

Why they don't get N95 masks?

Why they don't get vaccines??

I don't know how many 2 year masters degrees at Harvard you need to fund to get our people with speaking rights with the programme already...

It is just a matter of time, for here... It might take a year... For the temporary morgues, I mean. I don't know... We will see...

Rhode Island is only now just getting close to using the first of their field hospitals... The wave transmission... Well... It's turning into more of a cold war.


Cold storage. Huh.

Frozen out.

Or not frozen. Therefore out.

Khan Academy is developing HIstory / Civics Curriculum. People don't have to get married to become citizens! Peurto Rico people are citizens! I didn't know! I can't remember what was what amendment... But there you go! Get the right visa (so you don't re-set the 5 years) and make clear your intent... Then don't commit a felony (or misdememour) no jay walking. No bicycling on the footpath...


Sigh. Fingers crossed... And all that... A few more college applications... I don't know where to apply... Amherst? Rice? Northwestern? Penn? Johns Hopkins? Duke? I think the science universities would eat me.




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