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Re: telegram has channels with conversations...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2020, at 15:46:08

In reply to Re: telegram has channels with conversations..., posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2020, at 15:30:46

it's about contributing in a way that makes things better and not worse.

they want doctors who will unquestioningly follow the prescription algorithm... thereby prescribing medications that it is lucrative for the doctors employer to prescribe...

which should be criminal.

what did fauci say? 'it's nothing personal -- it's business'.

but it is undermining the health of people. criminal.

the whistleblower article... the payout seemed crazy to me. I don't know what it is about. maybe it is to do with purdue. maybe it is one and the same as the guy who owned the company. i mean to say maybe the guy with the greatest financial stake in the company lost a lot because of the outcome of the case -- but gained a lot because of his role in bring the case through the courts.


for the development of both pharmaceuticals and law. for better regulations. that enabled better pharmaceutical business.

game-changing. it's a fashionable term, right now. but it's great to see good games described. whether they are a myth or whatever... that people get the idea of it. the ideal of it.

you want whistleblowers to get mighty pay-outs to encourage people to blow the whistle on sh*tty sh*t. whistleblowers do suffer in the short term. the internal agencies who are supposed to sort it out refuse and try and shut the whistleblower down instead. the whistleblower needs to go to external agencies.

in the case of nz you have to take them to court. not just the initial organisation but the organisation that is supposed to investigate whistleblower allegations. the serious fraud office. the biggest offender. the tertiary education commission whose job is to ensure the integrity of our qualifiations by refusing to investigate allegations of manipulation of transcript and keeping false record and refusing to grade to international standards...

and have a 3 strikes and you are out policy to prevent people persisting with the 'lotto' of vexatious claims.


i don't know that Brown will even process my application. i emailed someone from the admissions office and i got a blow-off response. someone who didn't parse my query, really, and didn't pass it to someone with the capacity to do that. 'you aren't eligible'. they say when they don't know what to do. instead of just leaving it in the pile and letting the higher ups make decisions.

the issue is...

it's unlawful to segregate studnets on the basis of race. yeah. if roe v wade is not inviolable precedent setting apparently brown v the board of education is. though i think it may have been wrongly decided insofar as the reason for why segregation is wrong. but i don't deny segregation is wrong. whether it's an elite school or a rubbish school....

it's illegal to discriminate on the basis of age.

but old people are stupid -- right? and old people aren't allowed to do 4 year college degrees at certain universities because you have to be your first year out of high school to do an undergraduate college degree with them -- right?

and they (sometimes) don't take transfer studnets.

I get why they don't take transfer students. quality control on their degrees. that's fair. i'm not questioning it.

but then... some studnets do in fact take a gap year between high school and university. right? So they don't have a high school counsellor feeding the university reports in the year prior to them starting university -- right?

but those are the exception?

everybody else must supply counsellor reports in the year prior to starting college...

and adults can't go to secondary school -- can they?

i mean secondary school isn't academics. it's where you go to eat your lunch and sexually abuse each other, most probably...

and then what about the correspondance kids?


i asked about what to do because i don't have a counselor to submit school reports. can i post them transcripts?

and they say 'you aren't eligible to apply because you already have degrees'.

and i say... 'thanks. no offence... i don't know your name or anything... but i don't have degrees in north america and if you could tell me what you tell yoru gap year and correspondance school people that would be great.'


just like NZ... the first lowest paid administrator in the chain is the fastest to throw my application away.




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