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Re: Babble, lawful ? alex

Posted by alexandra_k on November 22, 2020, at 1:36:03

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ? alex, posted by ert on November 19, 2020, at 10:41:22

We just don't have basic infrastructure, in New Zealand.

Our education system is crap. It is more about giving prizes to the kids we like the most (particularly the kids of senior officials and the like) than anything else.

Teachers are a combination of uneducated themselves (hopeless, in other words) or swamped by masses and masses of kids they are expected to babysit where the kids parents don't have enough money to feed them etc and we don't have things like lunches in schools.

I am presently sueing 2 universities, and 'universities nz' who is apparently responsible for the quality of our tertiary education. The issue is that they all of them refuse to allow people to work to international standards of scholarship. Our public (government funded) Universities think they are private and they can pick and choose. They don't need to pick and choose ones who show potential, though, becuase they will continue to get a succession of government hand-outs.

They don't sign off on the competent. They still haven't given me my Degree. They refuse to supply applications to enrol. They refuse to process my applications to enrol. They say 'we don't choose you' like they get to choose. They refuse to do their most basic of functions.

They give degrees to studnets who plagarise from their teachers. Studnets who string together lecturers powerpoint slides and present it in sentance form for their essays. They give degrees to studnets who report false lab data, who perform unethical experiments etc etc etc...

THey give degrees to people who are branded so that nobody else will want them. The people who agreed to commit atrocities so that no other university will want them. So they are permanently bonded or branded or...

Here is really very very very nasty.

It's impossible to focus on the work because we don't have the infrastrucure for work to be done.

Police don't prosecute. Probably because the lawyers are all the children of the senior officials. Given their honorary titles and their copious salaries to do... what, exactly? They don't seem to know what their statutory function is.

People have busied themselves trying to create a landed elite like what England wanted to be however many generations ago.

And they think that everybody is playing that game.

And they think that I'm IHC for opting out of their game.

And they can try and cry for vaccines and try and cry for computers and software and so on and so forth...

And they can see for how much longer the developed world puts up with them refusing to allow their people to work to international standards and refusing to allow their people to participate in genuinely useful and meaningful and productive activity.

It's a vast wasteland of useless, here.

(I don't have anything against intellectually handicapped people. What these people have is a very very particular kind of a frontal lobe defect coupled with faulty wiring with respect to the internal buzz or whatever they get from exploiting others).

I am not happy in NZ. I don't have peers, here.

But the courts should declare. They are required to give me my degree since the requirements for the degree were met to teh satisfaction of external examiners. Nobody cares whether the Dean thinks I've sucked up enough nobody cares. Nobody cares what the Universities of NZ think about the quality of anybodies work. That's why they aren't invited to peer review on quality journals. Nobody cares. They just refuse to get with teh f*ck*ng programme, already.

And they were required to have admitted me to Medicine and trained me.

And since they refused they can pay me out. They can pay for my Medical Degree overseas, then.

Of course the courts won't order that. Because our courts are useless, too.

The Universities choose the youngest of teenagers they can find (along with the kids of the senior officials) to send them along to be raped at law camps and raped at law firm office parties. The Universities are just another example of state sanctioned abuse.

NZ is very authoritarian. We don't have a true democracy. There is no real change from election to election. It isn't like there is much difference of who is in and who is out no matter who wins the election. They don't bring civil servants with tehm.

That's the source of your misunderstanding...

Our politicians don't have teams of advisors such that public servants are hired or fired depending on who wins the election.

Fauci... Was tied to republicans.

We don't have that. Our civil servants stay.

That's what's so very particularly horrific about Ashley Bloomfield earning 500,000 per year for doing his job *no matter who wins the election*. It isn't like he needs to save because his future is uncertain. Hell, it isn't that he needs to save for his kids college education. They'll get all the very very best places because he's a senior official of NZ.

John Key sent his son to France, I believe. To bludge off their public health system, or similar. He didn't send him off to a residential hall in Dunedin... To be the victim of wrongful death as a balcony falls off a house or as he's crushed to death in a drunken stampede at a party or whatever whatever...

Apparently we are training people to deliver immunisations!

It's ingenious about the ultra-cold refridgeration requirement. It prevents teh GPS hoarding them to sell them to the highest bidder. Because they will expire. THough I'm sure that won't stop them. Unlikely to. Etc.

I genuinely do not trust the NZ government.

When it comes to me (as it has for so many others):

They broke the social contract.

I did not vote.

THey broke the social contract.

I am looking into citizenship etc etc. Refugee... Asylum... Different visas...

There's nothing for me, here.

They actually genuinely expect me to live out the rest of my days on disability throwing money away at slum lord landlords.

Oh, what a life.

So they can get richer and richer and richer and richer for themselves.

There's nothing here.

The tyrants and autocrats won't let the people develop.

They micro-mismanage everything worse.

People have said they see how NZ handled the lockdown and they understand how Nazi Germany happened. I didn't realise that the men who refused to go die for people on the other side of the world (in the name of England) were put into concentration camps in NZ. I did not know that.

I was also surprised to learn that the Universities would think nothing of violating the Statutes and refusing to process my Degree and application to Med etc etc. They all genuinely believe they just do whatever they want. They genuinely do not believe the rules apply to them / they genuinely lack the reading comprehension to understand the rules.

Good people can't do business.




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