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Re: Support

Posted by alexandra_k on July 17, 2020, at 9:18:16

In reply to Re: Support ert, posted by alexandra_k on July 17, 2020, at 2:40:24

I am remembering how bad things became, for a time, there, under the National Government, when I was living in Dunedin.

The local Work and Income Office is a place where Tertiary Students and Retired folks and people with disabilities. People looking for work. Etc etc go to to ask for help.

Food. Rent. Basics sort of help.

The positioned security guards outside who would state that anybody wishing to enter the building was required to hand their passport / birth certificate / over to the security guards before the security guards would open the doors and allow them to enter the building.

In this manner the local office was going to report back to government 'no people reporting for help in Dunedin. No people needing food or housing or government support or assistance at all in Dunedin'.

Not caring that people would be forced to prostitution and crime.

Intentionally forcing people to prostitution and crime.

For the sake of... How much money for the people?

Less than the salary of the VC of the University in the region, I'm sure.

All these 'government beneficiaries' these chief executives adn the like... Earning excess of $100,000 per year. It would be cheaper to house them in jail and pay their replacement a fair wage and one would still have change to allow habitable housing and healthy food for how many people?

It's f*ck*ng criminal.

F*ck*ng selfish psychopaths.

I wouldn't inflict Dunedin on my worst enemy. They treat people like absolute garbage if they think they can get away with it. And they do get away with it. People don't want to spend their lives arguing with idiotic psychopaths about garbage and they cannot function with the idiot psychopaths in the vicinity.

So they are forced to flee...

Tis a nasty place.

The University has money or whatever tied up in a professional sports team. Has given them a sponsorship. Has University name branding on their professional rugby jerseys.

The University didn't pay lecturers to teach sport and exercise science so they could continue offering the nations best sport and exercise science program.

The University took a well respected program and gutted it. Refused to pay the lectuerers. Refused to invest in the development of the program.

Decides it is a better use of it's money to... Advertise??? By having branding pasted on professional sports teams jerseys.

This is a Public University of New Zealand. NOt a private University. Not a private company. A public university with statutory duties and obligations towards the educations of adults (not towards the physical and mental and sexual abuse of teenagers) the education of adults.

They don't even know what the f*ck*ng program is or is supposed to be.

The council is too busy specially selecting which teenagers they have targeted to abuse next.

To do their statutory job and enrol and process the qualifications of adult learners to international (and not local) standards of scholarship.

There's nothing here.




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