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Re: Babble, lawful ?

Posted by alexandra_k on November 14, 2020, at 21:23:02

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ? ert, posted by alexandra_k on November 14, 2020, at 20:48:48

I think the NZ Universities are winding down.

The VC of Otago has announced her retirement (to Western Australia).

The VC of Auckland left start of this year (the new one was most recently from Western Australia).

I think NZ was a back-door for entry to Australia.

I mean to say the 'preferential entry for rural' admissions scheme... Very wealthy regions of New Zealand e.g., Waiheke Island were classified Rural. That would be like... Saying that people from Long Island would be given preferential entry to NYU for being rural. Also Sydney. Since Sydney is outside a major NZ city council it would be classified as rural. That means that when the VC of Sydney or Western Australia or whatever has a kid so stupid they can't fudge it's entry to a Medical School in Australia... They can fudge it's Medical School entry to New Zealand as 'rural'.


Our graduate research degrees have been quite the hoax for a very long time, now. Not sure they were ever legitimate, at all.

I think people were conned a bit into enrolling in a Master's by research while they were awaiting the outcome of Northern Hemisphere applications. I see that in the US people take a gap year between Undergrad and Professional Schools, sometimes, because you need the scores in so early etc etc etc... And then the 1 year Masters would get drawn out into two years...

But if you take a programme that was 1 year full time and it isn't completed over 1 year it is completed over 2 years then you have made it part-time.

And somehow...

Somehow... The Universities got to double-billing the Government. Which the government likely didn't mind because the double-bill was still cheaper than paying an actual graduate entry level salary for 1 year.

So then the idea is that people who participate in research degrees are stupid. Must be. Must be stupid.

And then the only question is how low we can go...

We started marketing things to migrants. We said we offered them benefits of locals. That is to say we charged them domestic studnet rates instead of international student rates to enrol in PhD or other research qualifications. Sometimes people got a $22,500 or whatever salary (scholarship) per year to do their PhD.


That's consderably less of a salary than would be an entry level job for a graduate! People really are stupid if they choose graduate school over an entry level job!

And then the only question is how low we can go...

We can refuse to sign them off in 3 years... Take a year to grade the thesis... Refuse to sign them off in 4 years...

How do they earn a living?

We could pay them minimum wage for teaching work? HOw low can we go... Or they can lose University affiliation entirely.

We can get them laboring for 10 years to complete a PhD. They can work in supermarkets stocking the shelves at night because we don't pay tehm anything at all anymore.

Just keep on working! Just fix one more typo! It will take your supervisor just another month to read the last lot of changes that you did!

How low can we go?


Apparently the government okayed 250 PhD studnets who had started who needed to put their PhD on hold... Okayed them to come back to NZ because they need to be in NZ to complete their Degree. Only the studnets who needed to be in the country to complet their Degree.

Because we need to honor our contract to those students.


Because good people cannot do business with us.


Because dis-establishment is imminent. Becuase the Universities refuse to get the work to the examiners and refuse to allow examiners to sign the studnets off.


We have a tyrrany.

I thought the problem was that we didn't have proper division between powers.. Separation of powers. I thought the problem was that the Judiciary wasn't functional. Nobody seems to know what Judicial Review is...

Geoffery Palmer was a Prime Minister of New Zealand.
His son studied Law at Auckland and did a PhD in Legal Studies (best I can figure) from Yale.
Now his son is a justice who specialises in Judicial Review.
Best I can figure he's responsible for holding back the development of that since... Well... HIs career... That's his career...
What -- I'm supposed to get a judicial review of the fact that he refused to progress to judgement when the respondant (his former University) failed to file a statement of defence within the allowable time (25 days).


But those are branches of government.

It's that we don't have a distinction between politics and government. We don't have a distinction between politicking and popular opinion and majority might is right soft power... ANd rule of law. Governance. We don't have any of the latter.

Most of our rules seem developed or designed to teach people not to obey rules. For example... Traffic lights at crossings. There will be red light for all vehicles for a long time. So the foot traffic is cleared. Then massive amounts of downtime. Plenty of time for bicycles or scooters or... Heavy density foot traffice or light density vehicular traffic to cross as well. But it's red lights. Not allowed to go. Then when the vehicular lights change to green the scooters and biccyles are expected to be right out front holding up the road traffic. This is in Auckland where you don't get much traffic through each light change.

I mean to say that using common sense courtesy is the best idea because our rules or laws or signage is mostly stupid. Similar for the bicycle lanes. They blind end a lot of the time. Stop suddenly. They have road cones placed right in the way.

If the goal is flow and safety... Then teh rules are am impediment.

WHich is as the government wills the people to believe.

It's a way of ruining the population for anything else.

We don't believe in bonding -- we believe in branding. Which is slavery. Here makes no sense at all.




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