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Re: Babble, lawful ? alex

Posted by alexandra_k on November 22, 2020, at 12:05:44

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ? alex, posted by ert on November 19, 2020, at 10:41:22

I don't get a look-in for jobs because they are looking for the youngest wide eyed teenagers they can find.

They want to pay minimum wage.

They don't want people to be competent -- particularly in government when so many jobs about about things the parliament doesn't want done.

Things like the judiciary. Things like police prosecution. The government doesn't want any of that.

Signing people off on their Degrees. The government doesn't want that. The government doesn't want to pay people the government wants the people to pay the government. The governmnent wants the people to sacrifice their lives for the government so the senior officials can have still greater riches and powers.

The government offers no protection for human rights.

Amnesty international is all 'there's nobody home' in New Zealand. Apparently Amnesty International is for people to go cry about / ineffectually complain about atrocities committed overseas (silly girl). We don't have anything to complain about in New Zealand (silly girl). In response to 'then why is there even an office in Auckland' I was told 'we write policy' I asked 'where is it, then? Where is the policy you have written'. Of course there wasn't any.

They mop up money to make sure nobody does the job they are paid to do.

Police prosecution?

Police don't read people their rights.
Police don't obtain search warrants, they unlawfully enter houses to collect evidence.
Police don't follow chain of evidence.
Police seem trained and instructed to ensure that nothing can be prosecuted in New Zealand.


Doesn't think it 'unreasonable' for Universities in New Zealand to refuse to act in accordance with Statute / to violate Statute (where Parliamentary Statute is our highest form of law). Doesn't think it 'unreasonable' for them to violate their own regulations when their own Calendar regulations are in accordance with statute. Doesnt' think it 'unreasonable' for them to come up with regulations that do violate Statute.

There's nothing you can say except that it would be better not to have an Ombudsman at all than to have such a grossly incompetent one. One who apparently can do whatever he likes because he is independent from teh Government.

That's how you get to be independent from the Government. You show yourself to be inept at something such that they will hire you to do a job they don't want done.

I wondered why so many people were very upfront about 'I don't really know why they pay me to do x because I feel like I have imposter syndrome'...

Well... That's teh truth of it. THink about it. Think about why they would want someone incompetent doing the job. Maybe they don't actually want the job to be done.

Just take the pay-off. The pay-out. Take the money and the titles given to ensure the job never is done.

Mostly exploitative...

It's the hierarchical thing about everybody trying to grubitty grub grub their way up teh hierarchy.

Apec is going digital.

That means that we'll have to contract out the building infrastructure to foreign IT and have the whole conference in their buildings. In their software programs.

There won't be any dodgey back-dealing. THe unofficial and informal business deals where leaders collude to sell out their own people...

No private meetings like that.


Our leaders are very... Through gritted teeth about it.

Who wants vaccines?
Who wants software?

Who allows their kids to be educated and contribute towards the production of the things that they need?

Who likes to keep slaves?




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