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Re: Babble, lawful ? ert

Posted by alexandra_k on November 19, 2020, at 5:51:13

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ?, posted by ert on November 16, 2020, at 17:24:28

> Again, for research purposes it is lawful under certain circumstances to remove identifiers from PHI and use the content offline.

What is PHI?

> Did Hsiung ask those who had no choice if they wanted their profiles or posts distributed on other websites or domains?

I remember something about giving him permission to do as he sees fit with our posts. From the sign-up multi-guess.

There never was anything preventing people from sharing a link to a Babble post so far as I can tell. The little icons to tweet or whatever just act as more visible reminders. But it isn't that hard to copy-paste post URLs.

> > But the condition is that once someone leaves here it must be ensured that they can delete their profiles themselves.

Maybe. But it would dismantle the site.

> > If they cant this is theft.

People gifted their posts to the site, I thought. In the hope that they would obtain help for themself / that they would help others.

I guess the Harvard Master's Degrees are Honorary or whatever. Our Prime Minister just got one and now there is a Scholarship or whatever you like to call it where a studnet gets to do a terminal Master's at Harvard in a international politics school, or whatever.

Diplomatic. They set up a scholarship in her name, or something. To make her look good. That she wants other people to grow up to get to do things in the world like how she got to grow up to do things in the world. Or whatever. I guess that is point of them... A diplomatic thing.

Diplomacy never was my strength / strong point. Nobody has ever accused me of being too diplomatic. I wish I had better skills at diplomacy -- but for that my situation / circumstance would need to be different. It is easier to be the better person (so to speak) when one is genuinely at an advantage or genuinely better positioned. Like graciousness. It is easier to be gracious from a certain position / perspective and not so much from other places.

I wonder how she will decide who is the recipient of the award. If it will be publically advertised. Who will get to apply. If they have to give up their personal information and write a 10 year invesetment plan on how they would invest $5,000 etc etc etc.

Hey, I know, maybe they can give the money to the government in exchange for 'bonus bond' (if one invests it any other way then one will actually be required to live off it before one gets welfare payments and since there aren't jobs that's just another way of saying that if you don't give it to the government in bonus bonds then they will take it from you, anyway)...

And then instead of paying interest on the bonus bonds they will have a lottery thing whereby you could potentially win a certain amount. And everybody knows the rules of gambling -- house wins! Or in this case, the government! Ingenious!

Our bonus bond scheme got dis-established. Apparently they hadn't been paying out the way they should have been if ALL the interest had been payed out. Also people were dying and their estates weren't informed that there were bonds. So the government thought it would just get all the money for free, in that way.

The worst of it is how we have apparently (according to the media) paid for x or y numbers of doses of vaccine from x or y supplier and...

Get this...

*They haven't even got the safety data back yet*.

It wasn't that the government decided to invest in a portfolio of vaccines (the ones our experts decided were good to back with respect to risk etc etc)... It wasn't even that the government decided to ask someone who knows more than them what sort of an investment portfolio might be a good idea...

It was that the government waited until small samplings of data came back...

At which point it committed to be a first buyer!

Wowzers! I don't think any of the US states have signed contracts for actual doses yet. I mean the data isn't back yet.

Right behind you.




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