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Re: telegram has channels with conversations...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2020, at 15:30:46

In reply to Re: telegram has channels with conversations..., posted by ert on October 22, 2020, at 14:52:09

how are you?

i've been thinking on what you said about my posting content here... and about how i should find other channels for it. because posting it to here is a bit like posting into the abyss. with respect to me getting credit for my work, i mean. and you are right. i should at least set up a blog or a webpage or something that links to the work that i've done. especially now that the university isn't acknowledging my thesis. then when i see other academics in nz saying things similar to what i said i can say 'yeah i heard you say that. in my thesis of 2018 i said this'. and so on. so it is clear that this thing that came out by this big-wig in nz came out a good year after i finished my thesis.

i have legal cases coming up so we will see about the courts. historically the nz courts have not been very generous with damages. but new zealand should pay me out because they stole my life. i worked for them and they refused to give me credit. they did not do any of the things that they were required by law to do. they did not enrol me. they did not get my work to examiners. they did not base the outcome of examination on reports of examiners. council of public universities think they can select studnets into whatever programmes they want. they decide that some studnets will only be given entry to some programmes (e.g., 'first in family' studnets they call them where the attitide is 'hey, at least you got a degree at all -- right'?).

some studnets are picked to pay fees, pay fees, pay fees... some other studnets are picked to win all the full fee paying scholarships. in the interests of meritocracy for those in need - right? wrong. precisely the reverse. they intentionally engage in practices designed to help the most fortunate at the expense of the least. the kids with the parents earning half a million or a few hundred grand per year from the government for their government job -- those are the kids who get the all expenses paid free ride in our public tertiary education system. it's the poor kids who are expected to take out loans and loans and loans for degrees in early childhood education etc where they are then only offered jobs at minimum wage.

it's criminal.

but it's too hard to prosecture so alex gets to do it in the civil courts. becuase the government prosecutors are paid how much again??? to ensure that they never win. i'm sure they don't tryyyyyyyyyyy and lose. it's just that, well, they probably are one and the same as the kids who got the all expenses paid by the university law degree...

i suppose i don't know how much they pay in teh alumni donor lists. to be fair. or how much they personally bribe or gift to members of the medical admissions committee and the like.

i see that there are a huge millions upon millions of dollars of whistleblower payout. maybe. i wonder if it was to do with pharmaceuticals and vaccine development. maybe a little data manipulation or creativity. something like that.

or it could be to do with DCMA music content. but probably vaccine development. i would imagine. that's where huge sums of money are at right now.

i didn't realise purdue was connecticut.

they have fentanyl test strips in rhode island.

the poppies from tasmania...





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