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Re: Support

Posted by alexandra_k on July 17, 2020, at 9:40:01

In reply to Re: Support, posted by alexandra_k on July 17, 2020, at 9:18:16

I think the most important thing that people need to understand is that there is very little in the way of private business in New Zealand.

Good business cannot thrive here because of the lack of Government laws and regulations and (more importantly) the lack of enforcement for the laws and regulations there are.

The Government does not even invest in collecting up all the tax money it is supposed to obtain given the present laws on taxation. The wealthiest individuals wiggle out of paying their taxes and the Government is either unwilling or unable to obtain the money they are entitled to collect from them.

So raising taxes is... A b*llsh*t diversion issue. Wealthy people can say 'yes, please, raise the tax rate! tax me more! go ahead!' because they don't pay taxes so it makes no difference. Because the government doesn't collect upon the tax money it is supposed to collect.

So back to how the Government doesn't need more money (or it would collect it) the problem is more that the Government doesn't actually know how to use or invest the money it's got. So... It prefers to leave the money in the hands of private individuals. Thinking they will make better decisions or use of it than they would.

I think that is the idea.

So, for example, when NZ quickly quickly quickly went into level 4 lockdown. And the supermarket workers needed face masks... The face masks were supplied to essential workers from stocks purchased and maintained by private businesses. Not by the public health system. Not from government stocks. The supermarket supply people and so on did a better job of quickly securing or purchasing things than the government departments did...


So back to how the major employer is still the government rather than private businesses.

That is so.

And the government pays chief executives and the like hundreds of thousands of dollars per year while the government forces other individuals to have a life of crime and prostitution because it refuses to supply them a living wage. It refuses to supply some with enough healthy food to be healthy and with housing that is adequate. It prefers to supply chief executives with far more than they can ever hope to spend on their own needs in their own lifetime and keeps others in inhumane deprivation.

And it isn't about natural ability and hard work.

Because I work hard. I produce research. And the highest paid individuals refuse to process my work. Refuse to process my work. Refuse to acknowledge the work that was done. Refuse to process the work.

It is corruption.

Simple as that. F*ck*ng selfish idiotic psychopathic thieves. Criminals, really. Stealing from the government. Refusing to spend the government money on what it's supposed to be spent on.

The scholarships at University do not get to the studnets a lot of the time.

People are not paid for the work that they do.

They are told 'do the work and then we will pay you'

But they don't.

I'm 40 years old... And they treat me like I'm intellectually handicapped retarded in teh brain ha haha ha ha they have all the money and I cry for handouts because they win the game of life...

Because they run this country into the ground.

Our Universities should not be allowed to enrol students when they lack the capacity to get the work to external examiners and parse the reports of examiners and deliver the outcome of examination that was determined by examiners within a reasonable timeframe. If they cannot do that then they do not have the capacity to offer research degrees.

That is to say they are not Universities.

They are community colleges (teaching only).

They are secondary schools or high schools when the council selects teenagers as targets of abuse (particularly for professional practice degrees) rather than enrolling adults in a tertiary education system that is for adult learners. that is for studnets who have attained the age of 20 years.

The Education Act actually says that domestic studnets who have attained the age of 20 years are eligible to enrol in the program of their choosing. That if they apply to enrol then they are entitled to be enrolled in that program.

Then there is a limitations thing on what the University may do if there are more eligible studnets than places available in certin programes.

And there is a provision that the Univesrity council may choose to set additional hoops and requirements and so on for teenagers and choose to that some of them are eligible / entitled to be enrolled as well at the discretion of the council.

So what Auckland does... And Otago too, I belive... Is they refuse to supply aplication to enroll forms because they don't want to enrol adults who the Education Act says are entitled to be enrolled if they submit applications to enrol.

So instead Auckland supplies applications for admission. And thinksk they are very very clever in not enrolling people who are intended to be enrolled by the very clear meaning of the education act.

The council does not have discretion to determine eligibility for adults.

But the council thinks it's job is not to be involved in the education of adults. Rather it is to be involved in the abuse of teenagers.

So the whole focus is on encouraging all the teenagers to dance and prance about them doing all the hoops they set for them in order to charm or delight the council into selecting them as targets for abuse (I mean at persons given applications to enroll) in various programmes.

It is not sustainable.

It undermines the credibiity of our tertiary education sector on the world stage.

It prevents the development of professional degree programs. We don't have doctors, lawyers, engineers. We don't have secure software systems. And so on.

We have psychopaths who like to abuse teenagers for their own personal advantage.

We have the Government... The last National Government who seemed to support and condone and actually invest in the development of these systema and institutions of abuse.

It's not sustainable.




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