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Re: Babble, lawful ? alex ert

Posted by alexandra_k on November 22, 2020, at 0:24:50

In reply to Re: Babble, lawful ? alex, posted by ert on November 19, 2020, at 10:41:22

I thought the point of passing the multiple-choice test was to demonstrate understanding of several things... One of which was that we were to support each other (not enter into a doctor-patient relatinship) and another of which was that Dr Bob was able to do what he chose with the posts that were posted. That the site wasn't a substitute for in person advice etc etc.

I do remember hearing people talk about usenet. I had a brief look at some point -- but I didn't take to it. I don't suppose I spent much time there. People here mostly had bad things to say about it since it was relatively unmoderated, I think.

Yes, Ardern got re-elected.

I am concerned about that. John Key was a charasmatic leader and he progressively lost the plot / went mad with power. I have concerns that she could head the same way. There have been conccerns...

I applied for government jobs at one point. I applied for qualitative analysis jobs and not quantitative analysis jobs. They said they wanted me to sit some psychometric test... Then, I think 6 months later or whatever I wasn't having any bites... And I thought about the civil servants I met / knew in Wellington... And I thought about how I didn't want to join them. I didn't want the things they wanted in life etc. They thought they were doing well and they thought they were successful. And that's good. It is good when people feel that way about themselves and about their friends. But I didn't want what they wanted in life...

I am applying to college in the US.

I am suing the Universities, here. Things are not good in New Zealand. Our people don't have intellectual freedom. We don't have freedom of speech or anything like that.

I more recently got a bit curious about why my Grandfather lost his ministry / became imprisioned when he was a contientious objector... Because contientious objectors in the US could join the peace core or whatever instead. But in NZ they rounded up the contientious objectors and kept them in prison camps. I didn't realise that. Our government has always been a major opressor of the people.

I recently saw some online thing about one of the top people, maybe the CE or whatever of Microsoft talking with Ardern etc. This thing about how recent times have resulted in I don't remember what they said... Decades? Of IT development and infrastructure in NZ. Probably. I think something like 90 per cent of government workers didn't have Windows 10 on their home computers (or upgrade capability to Windows 10) when the country went into lockdown.

I don't know what will happen with my US applications... Worst case I have to enrol in correspondance school in NZ for 2021 and apply again next year. I am hoping that 'project warp speed' might be an answer to 'beam me up'. I want to get the f*ck out of New Zealand. I am so sick and tired and done with and over here.

All my life: I don't have suitable housing. All my life: The people paid to look after me / the people who profitter off of keeping me unhappy and unhealthy are... It is like someone put the IHC in charge of here. They don't realise how stupid they are.

I recently learned that it's the cheap lending the reserve bank supplies to people. They use their house as leverage to borrow to buy more houses... And the solution is to stop cheap lending to home owners to buy more homes. If lending it cheap it should be for business development... Encourage people to invest in businesses and start ups and so on rather than being slum landlords or giving all their money to the government for 'bonus bonds' that don't even pay interest they are supposed to be a lottery with a 'chance to win' where the pay-out was never equivalent to teh interest that should have been paid. The government profiteering from 'house wins'.

Our government is a combination of incompetent and... Incompetent. They can't identify competence when they see it. People don't listen to anybody other than themselves. They don't understand / can't hear / can't identify a good idea when it's presented.

Nobody listens to me, here. ALl my life: Slow down Alex. We (especically you) don't get to go any faster... Don't get to accomplish any more than the slowest and least able...

But who wants computers?
Who wants a functioning stock exchange (that doesn't sieze when people actually attempt to buy shares)?

It's just f*ck*ng useless, here.

Nobody does what they are supposed to do with respect to their function. Police don't prosecute etc etc. There are just useless people collecting up all the money holding the country to ranson. HOstages. It's not safe for me, here.

But I'm on camera everywhere.

There's a security camera right outside my door.
There's a security camera for the stairwell.
There's a security camera on the lower floor.
There's a security camera... A succession of them all the way along the road...
To the supermarket.
To the gym.

So if something happens to me...

It'll be there on camera.

I have basil growing on my balcony, now :)
I got a cutting of a rubber plant from my mother.
I got a... Gerbera?? Too... I agonised over choosing... I got it with color unknown becuase it had 4 buds on it... It's really really pretty orange with yellow tips.

I don't know that we grow garlic. Actually, I had a friend who grew garlic. I buy garlic in the store. It rots, unfortunately, being too humid in my house.

> Ardern obviously got reelected. Have you applied at Arderns office? They maybe need people with good writing skills. Its great that youre (likely) virus free. Do they grow garlic and basil in NZ? -My husband likes that.




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