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Re: Support ert

Posted by alexandra_k on July 17, 2020, at 2:40:24

In reply to Re: Support, posted by ert on July 16, 2020, at 17:00:49

> It is a bit sad to hear that New Zealand has so much difficulties to acknowledge your great talents, Alexandra.
> Your writing skills are amazing and it really makes a difference. Its good that you had been born.

that is very kind of you to say. thank you. it means something nice to me to hear that, right now. thanks for being here. and thanks for being you. and thanks for chatting to me.

> I hope that you can reap the full fruits with your thesis, so that you can finally loan a house. But at best is starting from the little and if youre happy it can get bigger. Thats a wisdom from the Ikigai. My husband told me about that Japanese sense of meaning to life.

i only wrote the thesis because auckland told me that i was required to do that for eligibility for medicine and if i provided evidence of completion then they would process my application for medicine. but turns out they lied / misadvised me on all counts.

turns out that as a domestic student who has attained the age of 20 years I am eligible and in fact entitled to be enrolled in the program of my choosing.

they can supply special requirements from teenagers to persuade the council that they are capable of tertiary study / edult education. the council has discretion for teenagers. but i am 20 years old and the council gets no discretion when it comes to me. i am eligible. end story.

i wasted 20+ years of my life jumping through bull sh*t hoops set for me by the tertiary education system in NZ. they haven't done any of the things they were required to do by statute or by calendar regulation or by webpage information suppled by the univesrity.

they sent me letters of extortion demanding bribes and exit paymetns and facilitation payments. they misused government money by incorrectly double billing and incorrectly invoicing the tertiary education commission and my student loan and refusing to get scholarship funding to where it was supposed to go, too.

the judge stayed my statement of claim. i think he was maybe begging me to get a lawyer because i filed it myself and the respondant didn't respond and so he only has my statemnt of claim and lawyers did not help him figure out the issue or suggest reasonable reparation or anything like that -- in the interests of justice.

so he suggested i get a lawyer. and he said i needed to work on this bit or that bit because i hadn't really done that. so i will try. and explain that in over 70 pages of legal aid lawyers nobody i emailed agreed to help with an application for judicial review as an applicant. the lawyers just advised me not to file it. which was not helpeful of them.

and one lawyer wasted 2 months of my time to construe the issue less plausibly than me (i believe) so as to throw the case (i believe) or demonstrated his incompetence (i belive) before 'remembering' a conflcit that he believed excused him from having to file anything. so now i have to pay $50 to try and have the law soceity go after his registration, dodgey bastard.

that's not justice for me.

i think i should get a pay-out because it seems to me that the people who have profited most at my expense are the senior officials at universities who have received thousands of dollars of government money under the auspices of educating me while they refused to process any of my work or pass anything on to me (e.g., scholarship funding i was granted). they took hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars for themselves every year. my $100,000 studnet loan is not even 1/4 of the previous VC of Auckland's salary for only 1 year.

When the previous VC of Auckland refused to process my application properly on appeal... over 2 years... how much of his salary should that be worth, to me?

where is justice for me??

> There is information flowing from overseas computer systems in NZ to Chicago and the great leader makes money, not you.

sigh. when i was living in dunedin i needed to apply for a rental house to live in. the rental agencies required applicants to upload their passport and drivers lisence and community services card and student identification card and probably bank card and all of their personal information... i think birth certificate... i think all the information... was required to be uploaded to this foreign website... otherwise the property managers would not process your application to live in a rental property. which means you would be forced to be homeless.

that's data security in new zealand.

that is to say there is no data security in new zealand.




work supplied to universities (intellectual property) is fed into turnitin. that's a New York company, i think. the see what grade the uni gave it and everything. they do what they will with the ideas. with teh content. sell it to other studnets. who knows.

that's data security in new zealand.

just handing it over... handing it over... handing it over...

so i'm not particularly worried about what i post to this website. i don't see how anybody profits from what i post at my expense... i don' tsee how or why anybody would keep me poor to profit more from me than they would profit from me having a way of life too... i don't see it... i don't see how...

but this is about one of the only ways i have of showing the world that there's someone home. something going on inside me. that i'm not stupid. i'm not mean. i'm not vile. that i'm a thoughtful curious thinking human being. because i'm not interested in connecting with people via facebook or other forms of social media. i'm just not.

my 'friends' all turned out to be my biggest enemies irl. they turned out to want to keep me poor and dependent on them. they turned out to not want me to achieve any of my goals or plans or anything... so much for friends, huh. and all the years i supported them and was happy for things going well for them when things were going well for them. and they didnt' seem to want things to go well for me. and they seemed to prefer to stabogate things for me if they thought they could get away with it. so...

> There should be at least an independent data protection officer if nothing else is done or if much money is generated the ruler must be changed.


i wouldn't mind a little house. i don't want a big house. i like to look after myself. not have a housekeeper. that means i need a small house if i don't want to be cleaning my house all of the time. something low maintainence. easy to care for. i wouldn't mind a bomb shelter or a bunker. i actually wouldn't mind owning the apartment i live in presently but i think it's owned by the university and the plan is to bulldoze it in the near future as part of the next hospital / university expansion development.

if i owned my apartment i would want to intall a heat pump (expenseive to install it in very very thick concrete walls). and have floor to ceiling shelving / bookcase / built in drawers / wardrobe running along the wall adjacent to my neighbour for sound insulation and storage. and have a better insulated thicker pile carpet. and plants... and better quality paint and a feature wall. and a mural on the outsdide wall that needs painting... i acutally really like my present apartment.

but the univeristy and hospital will likely bulldoze it. yeah.




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