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Re: Support

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2020, at 18:41:16

In reply to Re: Support, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2020, at 18:23:19

It has been nearly 2 months since the last submission to the courts. Which was my submission. The respondant refused to respond. Refuses to acknowledge me. They think I am 'vexatious' which just means they don't think there is anything that I can do about their corruption. They don't think the courts will process my documents.

They don't seem to realise that the courts don't get to choose what they will and won't process. They are required to process ALL the filings.

That's how come they like the statement of the rules to contain contradiction. So none of the filings are in accordance with the rules. So they can refuse to process any of the filings they choose they don't want to process by saying they aren't in accordance with the rules.

Are they going down that road??

I get emails from some... Receptionist?? Of the court to that affect. That it can't be accepted for whatever reason.

I think it's like when you go to a GP and reception asks you a million questions about why you want to see a doctor and says they are required to book you in to see a nurse for 20 minutes before you can see a doctor...

Until you go 'who are you?? seriously... why would I answer ANY of your questions at all?' And it's just like positioning a security guard outside the hospital to turn away 90 per cent of the people presenting so the DHB can say to the government that everyone who made it into the hospital (who got through security) was seen by a doctor within 9 hours. Or whatever.

It's about that.

I just mean to say that we all (were supposed to) give the respondant 5 weeks to respond. The respondant chose not to respond.

So reception tries to tell me my filing is 'incomplete'.. Not accepted...

So after giving the judge around 1 month to decide what to do... I inquire. Because there hasn't been a hearing or a conference scheduled and there hasn' tbeen a judgement. ANd I need thejudge to know I AM EXPECTING ONE.

Because that's how corrupt things are, here.

I need to pay $50 to complain that a lawyer I approached for legal aid help to file wasted 2 months of my time. Reformulated my complaint in an attempt to make it sound less-compelling (even to my ear) and then refused to follow instructions to file for summary judgement and then refused to follow instructions to make alternations and file for legal aid and then 'remembered' all of a sudden that he had a conflict.

I'm saying he is guilty of perversion of justice. He sent me many emails trying to bully me out of filing at all. He tried to construe the case so that legal aid wouldn't be obtained (which is sort of like trying to throw the case). He then comes up with some story about conflict (that is likely a lie).

The law society had a go at saying his behavior was justified... It was a bit bad that he didn't disclose conflict for 2 months. But given that he didn't think I would win, anyway, he wasn't going to represent me, anyway.

So I responded that he doesn't get both professional judgement and conflict. ONce I saw his professional judgement I knew it was a 'profesional judgement'.

Apparnetly I am supposed to feel sorry for him that it's a lot of paperwork for very little pay.

Lawyers shuld be required to do 60 hours or so of pro bono legal aid work every year as a requirement for their registration.

They are not.

They think they are justified in wiggling out of legal aid cases / bullying clients out of submitting for legal aid cases / construing them (thorowing them) so their application for legal aid is declined and the case never goes before the courts.

They think they are justified becuase legal aid pay is so low.

So then...

Force them to do pro bono. I mean to say... Remove the low pay. Replace it with no pay. Require tehm to do good work for no pay. 60 hours per year. Otherwise they cannot charge for their services. If they aren't capable then they can't charge for their services. If they don't serve justice. Then they can't charge for their services.

You are welcome.




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