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Re: Support

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2020, at 18:23:19

In reply to Re: Support Toph, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2020, at 18:10:21

I don't remember where you are based.
I don't know how the Covid thing is affecting your location.

I was reading something recently about how what happens over time is inequality gets to pronounced.
What levels things out is war, epidemic... I forget what else.
I predicted war was coming in my thesis that was submitted for examination end 2018.
I was thinking more about physical war and I wasn't entirely sure how, what the link would be.
I didn't think / forsee infectious disease. But that's the way it unfolded.
I didn't know that other people have said, more explicitly, about war and disease.

People die and then there aren't so many of the people who were being taken advantage of. Apparently that's it. That's the mechanism.
So food growers die and then it's hard to get people to make food for you.
So then the people with all the money need to start giving it to the workers to do the work -- or they won't get the fruits of their labour, anymore.

Governments are trying to do the 'right thing' with varying degrees of success...
There are government policies or strategies that can help shift the balance of power back to the people, more, so the disease part of things can kill less people.
But the people with the money refuse to share the money around and so people die people die people die until they understand or do the right thing or whatever...

It's very... Plagues of locusts.
Free the slaves. Living wage.

Countries are helping by stemming the flow of migrants.
Migrant workers are lured by false promises and broken dreams.
They move to a new country only to find exploitation as bad as where they came from, often.
So people flocking their way around the world...
Round and round...

They had to close the borders.
Can't rely on under the table cheap immigrant labour anymore.
You will have to pay citizens enough to do the work.
You will have to pay them.
You will have to pay them.
You will have to pay.

People just wont' do it.
So we have to pry their workers pay-checks from their dead little hands.

It is what it is.




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