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the world bank

Posted by alexandra_k on June 6, 2018, at 1:53:59

damn economics...
my old uni has this philosophy, politics, and economics degree...

after getting a bit swamped in an awful literature of awful i've found some stuff by the world bank.
the world health organisation. agencies like these.
and then i look at our national policies...
and the local academics whose work (once can only suppose) inform and influence the national policies...
anyway... the foreign stuff is much better.
reason responsive.
i know people bitch and moan about how the reality is different...
but it's so very f*ck*ng clearly the best we have got.
its just qualitatively different by orders of magnitude.

i see corruption is defined specifically as things like 'black market'. in order to have a black market you would first need to legislate against various things. i don't think we have any laws. we don't even have a functioning 'medical admissions committee' who understands the function of equity.

and economic development is different from economic growth. and of course it was foreign people with money (only language teh savages here understand) who dictated it was time for us to focus on social develoment. because you have to spell it out. economics development at the expense of social development for poeple who dont understand economic growth.

again... nothing grows here.

at the end of the day you do need a good leader.

i miss you, dr bob becaue you were a good leader. i know the people went off to lead their own facebook circle, or whatever... but i liked you being a good leader, here. you grew here bigger than tehir biggest circle, i'm sure. and promoted more... kindness. helpling. and so on.


i am okay. i have a habitable house, even if i get snowed in a bit, i have wood and electric and a power subsidy is coming... and i'm okay...

just sad to be locked out of medicine, here. they like to play dice...

it sucks rewriting world health organisation and world bank etc stuff for... idiots. who didn'dt bother to read it properly. who would rather persist in their own... psychopathy.

i wonder if i will end up having to flee from here... it's really awful here.

i wish i'd never been born.




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