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Re: the world bank Clearskies

Posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2018, at 20:52:11

In reply to Re: the world bank, posted by Clearskies on June 8, 2018, at 11:53:26

I guess I have all four seasons, now, too, which is unusual for this time of year. A person I knew who immigrated from England said it was like living in a tupperware container with a temperate environment. Nothing to break the year up. Only, seasons still don't have the same effect in this part of the world since the seasonal holidays don't make sense at all. E.g., Christmas and New Year aren't welcome festivities to help break up the dead of winter, at all. They occur right when you don't need them to, in the middle of summer, and the dark of winter seems neverending, indeed. We should, of course, introduce replacements, at more sensible times of year. Promote them and demote others (e.g., mid-winter christmas and the like). The people would catch on because it makes sense. But the fact that it actually makes sense means it'll probably never happen, in these parts. I mean... Why would you want happy people, for? How is that more efficient?

> I just this moment returned from signing all the papers taking on the house, so Im officially a home owner.


> The back garden will eventually have a clothesline for the laundry (no one seems to have them any more) and Im going to hunt for a free standing hammock since I havent any trees on my property.

That sounds nice. I have a clothes line and line dried clothes are much nicer if you get to hang them in the breeze. And for airing bed linen etc. I like clothes lines when people have the space for them. They drive me nuts when people try and air dry their clothes in over-crowded environments / in the city, though. Perhaps partly because people don't seem to look after them and wind blows them off the line and about and you end up with a bunch of clothes junk littering up the streets / alleys.

> Ill leave the lawn cultivation to others, as I dont consider it to be sustainable nor important in the scheme of things.

I have a big-*ss lawn. I get people to look after it for me. It looks a bit ridiculous, I think. This prim and proper well cultivated lawn. The neighbours lawn was left to turn into hay paddock. But then the landlords told them it was time to do something... And it seemed to take a few days hard labour to hand hack it down.

> I have a packet of wildflower seeds I will turn into the topsoil. I know there are some wild roses and a rhubarb patch in the garden too.


> Since moving out west here I have seen so many more people struggling to get by. No jobs, no food, no gas for their cars.

Yeah. Things are hard, for a lot of people.

And then you get inter-generational poverty where there is something... Toxic in the soil or the water supply or something... So that they people are kept not quite right, as well...




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