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Re: inclusive education

Posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2018, at 21:56:15

In reply to inclusive education, posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2018, at 21:32:15

and i am not like them

and they see that and...

they don't want to believe that things could have been done differently.

they want people to look them in the eyes and give them a genuine smile and say 'of course, dear, you did everything you could'

because after all that...

they think the publically funded medicine should be about them.

after everything they have done to other people...

there really isn't enough care, here. that's how come people grow up so awful.

our last prime minister was raised in a state house, apparently. i suppose that was why he was so mean / awful to people in state houses. selling off the state houses, i mean. letting them run down so as to be uninhabitable. all the wealthy people were enouraged to invest in property so they could have their very own people pets who they could keep in appalling conditions...

that's why some other kid with a birth right legitimacy....


how does that work?

i mean... how is it the case that all the doctors kids get to do med even in these days of 'far more suitable applicants than places available'. i mean... so much higher than if it were the lottery...

it's just about making sure that people don't realise just how much others depravity (voluntary choices) have made their lives not worth living.

it's just about seeing how low you can get the people to go... how low you can keep them...

because torturing rats and cats and monkeys...

just isn't as fun.

and these seem to be the people we embrace with open arms.

people in charge really are too stupid to tell the difference.

or... its how they prefer the world to be.

i suppose all you can do is draw a ring around it and try your best to isolate it from civilisation

welcome to new zealand




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