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Re: inclusive education

Posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2018, at 22:20:04

In reply to Re: inclusive education, posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2018, at 22:10:51

only... if they really were all that good at collecting up the equity and keeping it (some version of) 'in house' then why wouldn't they simply buy their kids places in medicine instead of their needing to get them in on government funded places?

why couldn't they buy their kids medical degrees in australia or the USA? why here? i guess because they really aren't all that good at collecting up the equity, at all...

and if it really was so inevitable that their kids get to do things rather than other peoples kids why can't they just let the process alone? why do they need to be so very heavy handed with the discrimniation and so on to keep people in their proper place? i mean if it really was inevitable they could surely spend their time on other things.

australia is doing an inquiry into abuses in state care. including churches. we are doing one for abuses in state care - but not churches.

because those people are still alive, you see. you gotta wait until the culpable people are no longer reachable. you gotta give them the chance to discover other 'opportunities'.

not sure why. to be honest. i'm not sure why you do.

which means...

i am not like you.

for sure.

it's not my f*ck*ng job to make these judgements and these determinations... but i don't want to be doctor for these rich awful people... rich awful people like these...

these people don't even want to be helped. just the nodding and smiling and pomp of the ceremony.

i have a friend who... comes out with the strangest things, sometimes.

one of those was 'if my father (for example) was killed in a car crash i'd want the person who came out to tell me that to be wearing a rolex'.

which is an odd thing to say, i think.

i mean...

but i guess it's how people want the people to be cared for. and the pomp and ceremony around that...

well the pomp and ceremony.

that's why a medical degree costs so much, of course. because of the pomp and ceremony you need to learn. because of the rolex you have to buy if you want to be taken seriously as a doctor by, uh, uh...

the people who matter?






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