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Re: inclusive education

Posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2018, at 22:30:50

In reply to Re: inclusive education, posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2018, at 22:20:04

but, again, these people aren't rich. aren't rich, at all. that's why they are scared and their fear comes out by the determination with which they are driven to oppress others...

i need to remember that i keep thinking that people put significantly more thought and self-reflection and self-analysis and... care... into their decisions... i keep thinking people are more responsible and caring than they actually are.

i keep thinking that the interview is where people are trying to assess good old fashioned values like honestly and integrity and things like that. i keep thinking that kiwi values mean that people value that in thier doctor. not just rich people or poor people or middle-class people but all people. you need to have difficult conversations about smoking and weight with people who do have the power to effect these changes... and you need to help figure how to empower people to effect other kinds of changes (e.g., drinking water, housing insulation) etc... i keep thinking these are the things that matter. these are the things they are looking for in interview.

and of course i'm right.

but the f*ck*ng idiots the boss of me. still.

i know it sounds like i'm arrogant and so on. but i've been self-criticial and so on for a verrrrrrrrrrrry long time now. for a verrrrrrrrrry long time now i did things their way (to the best of my ability) and engaged in apologetics for them.

and i have just run out of reasons on their behalf.

the only reason they understand if foreign sanction in the form of $.

because they are so upset they don't have the $ to make things still worse?


nonoononononono euthanasia is always wrong always forever. as soon as you legalise it the church people will involuntarily slaughter the disabled. they've promised. nobody else taking this as a threat?

for really?




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