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inclusive education

Posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2018, at 21:32:15

In reply to med admissions, posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2018, at 21:16:00

The 'inclusive education' human rights focus is focused on public schools. MOre particularly, cases arising have been poor public schools. Public schools located in areas where the kids attending have parents without much money. SO kids are sent to school without food, often enough, and we don't have any kind of school lunch program, even. And there might be 30 kids in a classroom. And then lots of the kids are hyped up on their food additives and preservatives and sugar. And a lot of the kids have only really heard people interact with each other by way of such charming conversations as 'f*ck off you c*nt!' and so on... Hitting each other is a pleasant greeting... ANd a lot of the kids have not been read to and don't know the alphabet and so on because their parents don't think it is their job to teach them any of that kind of stuff...

And so the disabled kid gets told 'you can't come to school here'. And there is a media outcry... And the teachers says 'I just can't handle another behavior problem in the classroom'.

And the disabled equity criterion at university is about letting in kids who haven't met the academic entry requirements.

So... That's the take on disability. That your disability meant you weren't able to achieve the academic reasults that you would have if you hadn't (for example) been physcially prevented from attending.

So how does that translate to medical admissions?

I suppose I can ask. 'Do you want to be considered for a disability equity place?'

No... I want you to decline me a place (even though I'm academically qualified) because you think I have a history of mental illness.

There really is no... Reason. No reasoning with such people.

Things are changing, here. It takes a few years. Mostly to give people time to get out / distance themselves from what they've done / been complicit in creating / guiding into place. To set the people up to take the hit / fall. That's what that's really about.

But nothing will happen *in time for me*.

It is just unbelievably awful here with the unbelivably awful people who choose to put profits (their own personal) ahead of other people... Because they are terrified of being homeless just like so many other people... But the only reason there are so many homeless people is... Because of their own making.

They chose the 'evil' route. And their biggest fear... Is that someone else will do to them what it si that they have done to so many others.

But most other people were never as depraved as they were.

Why do we let these people take charge?




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