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Re: Multi diagnosed wife. Help dont want to divorce.

Posted by LOVEUMIKO on November 21, 2003, at 12:30:03

In reply to Re: Multi diagnosed wife. Help dont want to divorce., posted by Kara720 on November 21, 2003, at 11:48:45

>> I am going to throw my two senses into this one. I am not sure it will help much but hopefully it will in some way. You mentioned that moving to AZ might help with the different surroundings, but honestly I do not think it will change anything.

Thanks for your input. I need all the outside advice I can get.

Well this last outburst has killed any chance of AZ job transfer even if we were to get back together. I was hoping the abundant amount of sunlight would help with any bi-polarness. It was to start a clean slate, and she would not have to feel uncomfortable around the people she dealt with.

>> It might for a little while but than things would go back to the way they were, and your wifes problems will not go away. There is something at the core of your wifes problems that has to be addressed. and I am wondering if they could possibly be worse being in an unfamiliar environment.

TRUE, I know I was taking a chance in the middle of nowhere. It would have been me & her outside family help, support. I was convinced it'd be OK. I'm blessed in a way it happened here, than out there. The new people unfamiliar with her condition may have very well reacted differently. SHe can present very well (she went to a upscale university for Journalisim)
The AZ move may have been the worst place for this to reoccur.

>> As it was said already your wife has to be given some sort of medicatin in the correct "cocktail."

Yes, I know meds will work. She has to admit first she has a problem. SHe won't that is half the trouble. SHe will look up what the medications are for online. If she has a hint of them for being anti psychotic etc she bugs out over it. She is to proud to admit it. I wish she could confide with me as I do support her, but she won't.

>>Do you have custody of your children?

Well, the good and bad news is that the kids have been placed in custody of Child protective services. They can not release them to me due to her placing a no contact portion of the restraining order on the children as well. SO CPS can not release them to my care. Some are with family, but one 9 yo boy is still lost out there in foster care. I feel this is crushing him the worst.


Today my wife called me crying. Asked me if I loved her. I sad "Yes, deeply" She said SHE forgives ME!? I explained that we could not talk due to the restraining order. Then she said she never cheated on me? I never mentioned anything of this to her? SO now I'm even more confused what has occured. I know she wants it to stop & go back to normal. I wish this to. But its gotten to the point that I can not take any more "hits" before I sink; Financialy,emotionaly,mentaly, physicaly (due to stress).

Further, she is still taking the stance that SHE forgives ME. Meaning she still beleaves what she has claimed and will not take responsibility for her actions. Step #1 would be I'm sorry, I was confused due to my illness.

I'd be afraid to go back now due to CPS having custody of the kids. They may not feel its a safe place for them. They may think I'm unstable if I go back,again.




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