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Re: Multi diagnosed wife. Help dont want to divorce.

Posted by LOVEUMIKO on November 19, 2003, at 20:42:43

In reply to Re: Multi diagnosed wife. Help dont want to divorce., posted by karen_kay on November 19, 2003, at 20:12:59

> >I did (and still do to a point) to some point strike out at my loved ones, but not this severe. I mostly got into trouble with money and promiscuity.

Yes, another worry of mine right now:( reading symptoms of this disorder.

>> If you can't see her right now, maybe it couldn't hurt to check into some counseling for yourself.

I'm in counceling & on some meds myself now to help get through this pain, depression, anguish, dispair.

>> I really don't know what to tell you to do legally. I do know that when manic, a person really loses control.

I understand this. Thats why I do not get mad at her actions. I know its not her & she needs help. SHe read the DSM100 and knows exactly what to say/not to say to get the help she needs. 21 yrs of thearapy to. SHe knows more than most of the therapists...

>>to salvage what is left of your relationship. Just try to realize that she is hurting right now too.

I don't know how to salvage this one. Its a major last straw. I only wish God would show me a miricale to convince me it'd never occur again in the extreme manner it does.

I fear she will realize what she has destroyed & lost when she crashes. $350K home, loving husband, family, perhaps even the children. She's mentioned suicide in the past. I hope loosing all of this will not make her to severly depressed. I'm sad for her & concerned. She is actually in fear of me. I beleave she beleaves what she claims.

The last episode lasted approximate 40 days. Mothers day se came to and reached out. I took her back with no concerns. I'm to afraid to go back.

How ong with ths go on? SHe basically started all this after having Post pardem psychosis. Went 9 months fine..and started up with this behavior.

She hasn't been like this. At leas that I know f. SHe has presented well enough to get passed me this time.

I want to stay but I'm afaid i can't this time. I file for divorce son. Although I actually don't want to! Its seems to be a necessity for the kids, my own mental health, career(not so important on the scale of things)We love eachother, thats what kills me. Its such a paradox.

I guess I'm looking for a miracle answer...The answer is in my heart. But I will be no good to anyone with no means of an income, or if she had her way,loss of my freedom.

I hope God forgives me for leaving her in the time she needs me most. I want nothing more to be there for her. But when she attacks like this, its impossible.

WHat if anything will bring her back? I have been told she has said she wished this the current situation) never happened and we need to just move. She has destroyed that chance for the move SHE wanted most. It seems like she is taking my forgiveness for granted.

I DO NOT SEE AN ALTERNATIVE. I wish someone could show me how tio fix this burned bridge..




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