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Re: Multi diagnosed wife. Help dont want to divorce.

Posted by LOVEUMIKO on November 20, 2003, at 0:24:27

In reply to Re: Multi diagnosed wife. Help dont want to divorce. LOVEUMIKO, posted by karen_kay on November 19, 2003, at 23:21:10

> >As I look back on it, I too have gone through this. During periods of extreme stress, I have hallucinated, and I was completely convinced that I was psychic. (And I am a very rational and logical person) Now that I am on meds that work for me, I no longer have this problem. I highly doubt that she is taking her medication properly, or that she is on the right dosage. Do you know, is she on an antipsychotic (such as Zyprexa, Seroquel, Abilify, Resperdal).

The problem is that she will not admit to having any problem mentaly. She will try to blame it on PTSD (Which im sure adds to it) Post pardem Thyroiditis or anything else that is "Not her fault physically" She was on Resperdal, and abilify. SHe got off both.

We involuntaraly commited her once. She has ben comitted 4 times in the past 6 months. The last one involuntary. SHe was furious. She stopped seeing the Doctor which was a safety net. He & I had open communication through her consent. This was as you suggested part of the deal of me commingback. I wanted meds,therapy, etc.

She seemed pleased that I went on Paxil during the first crisis. I was depressed of course and sought help. I see a Therapist now for this and have been prescribed Welbutrin & Clonopan to get me though the waiting period for the Welbutrin to kick in. It helps but I still cry. Mostly at night when I pray for her.

You should set certain conditions and limits in no uncertain terms regarding her behavior and your relationship. (ie. I will remain in this relationship and continue to give my support if you continue to take your medication and continue therapy, as well as continue to improve!).

>>I think we had tried this the last time. It worked at first. She would not let me administer the meds to her. SHe became very defensive if I asked if she took them that day to. I think you are helping me see things clearer. I have tried and she disabled all safety nets. Then put up the final block...the restraining order.

> >I think that with proper medication and therapy she will be able to deal with everything.
I hope so. We had everything going for us. 4 kids, a beautiful home in a nice town, a devoted faithful husband, she did not even have to work if she chose not to. Just stay at home with the kids. I hope when all is gone she will be OK. The Children were taken away and it seems she has no concern for THEIR feelings in this. One is still in Foster care. All this could be eliminated by her in an instant. Just call off the order and this could be done very easy.

thing right now is stabilizing her right now. Is there a way to contact her therapist and check into getting her involuntarily committed?
>> I can only hope she is on some meds and does still have therapy. I can not talk to her doctor.

She is highly inteligent. SHe knows it to. SHe'll even say she is a genius. SHe has read the DSM100 and basically retains all info. She knows exactly what to say & what not to say. he Law only allows involuntary commial if she is suicidal or harmful to others. I guess they don't see this behavioras harmful. She would basically pass any BS test a court doctor would give her.

SO at this point that seems not to be an option. I have no contact with her, nor does anyone in the family. So I have no idea of how she feels now.

She controls the whole mess for now. I'd rather see her come back then to fight back. I can only hope she has a dream,memory, watches a movie...whatever that will trigger her back to reality.

I still don't see how this can be repaired. Not with my career anyway. If I loose that I loose being the provder for the family (she's on SSDI)We will loose the home, and most likely go through another attack.

I guess I'm answering this myself. I need to divorce her. I don't want to do it. I wish her well and I love her. When we do talk, I'll try to explain this to her and hope she can understand.
I dread having to tell her I have to leave her, although I'll always love her. "with all my heart and soul."




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