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Re: Dr. Bob alias Dr. Robert C. Hsiung -I have an idea

Posted by ert on September 13, 2019, at 11:22:24

In reply to Dr. Bob alias Dr. Robert C. Hsiung -I have an idea, posted by ert on September 13, 2019, at 5:58:24

You know, Alex, Hsiung wrote that he understands that I want the control of my words. This is actually understanding. Maybe he didnt lie here because he possibly really understood that I wanted the control of my property but it is sarcastic, wicked and a misuse of power because he lied later on and in fact didnt let me the control over it.

> You could wear a pullover, Alex. The merino wool from nz is fairly expensive elsewhere. But in nz you probably have special discounts for wool, maybe. I believe that the ethical standards are higher in nz concerning animal protection than in parts of Asia. I saw videos on how they shave the sheep's in nz.
> Coldness has a lot to do with adaptation until a certain point. In Siberia they are well adapted but even though still cold, it gets more and more swampy there.
> Arent they not only sweet but practicable for people
> btw, nz also used to produce silk. But then the plastic revolution came in the seventies and eighties and it didnt pay off anymore to produce the silk. But truly, silk with wool is still the best what u can get. Its also debated, if silk could be used as a vector.
> But it does not need silk actually, wool alone is already very good. There is ongoing debate of how much pain is inflicted when killing the worms. Myself I did kill flies and ants (but nothing more as I remember) so where is the difference with worms the question is not conclusively answerable.
> I think you are at least trusting, maybe overly trusting, Alexandra.
> Why didnt Dr. Robert C. Hsiung say it is great that you left that place but instead wrote that this is a part where I should return. Did he something mention of stigmatization, coercion, cyber bulling, privacy and property laws in his studies?
> Did dr. hsiung ask those who participated in the past, when he placed buttons under the posts? I find there are serious conflicts of interests here
> I has not come to my attention that there are drug reps, as you said.




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