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Re: Dr. Bob alias Robert C. Hsiung I have an idea

Posted by alexandra_k on August 30, 2019, at 17:46:52

In reply to Re: Dr. Bob alias Robert C. Hsiung I have an idea, posted by alexandra_k on August 30, 2019, at 17:33:31

you think i am overly trusting?

that is funny (strange not funny haha) because i am often accused of being untrusting / being overly suspicious.

i trust... differently.

most people are very susceptible to advertising. i understand that there has been quite the kerfuffle about google and facebook. the populations are here. on the internet. like how nasty people have figured out the low road to growth of their business in real life the internet has become their new home.

it is as you say, more people have smartphones in the world than... probably than people who have access to clean drinking water.

and it is a relatively easy way of tracking people.

it is a relatively easy way of checking whether people add up or not. whether they are telling lies about where they are or who they are associating with or how they spend their time.

just having a jack around in people's personal email accounts. seeing whether they pirate music or porn and what kind of tastes they have. whether they trawl seedy websites or whether they are looking for a bargain. whether they are susceptible to click bait. whether they send people spam. whether they make purchases from dodgey websites. what their search history is.

i would imagine a couple hours investment of time would dig up... most things.

how would you prevent it?

we don't even choose our own passwords anymore! passwords are not secure. I might give you my password and loan you my phone. while i'm off banging my boss's secretary, or whatever. no, i must iris scan and fingerprint scan my authenticiation.

but sure, we would worry about Bob?



i cannot even afford a secure device. even if i could afford a secure device i would imagine i would be forced to make it insecure to have access to basic utilities in this country. there would be something like that. you know, having power connected to your property just is giving them the right to... i don't know... do whatever they please.

we haven't got the hang of 'nobody in their right mind would consent to that'.

but everyone has been telling me over the last few years that black is white and up is down and rubbish is the tastiest of most desirables and so on and so on and so on just an endless stream of crazy-making sh*t.

autism is the only rational position. in many environments. seems to me.




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