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Re: Dr. Bob alias Dr. Robert C. Hsiung -I have an idea

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2019, at 16:52:16

In reply to Re: Dr. Bob alias Dr. Robert C. Hsiung -I have an idea, posted by ert on September 17, 2019, at 5:44:51

> I could stop posting and end the activity so that I won't loose my job, risk to be prosecuted, life long stigmatized, bullied and exploited.

you think these things will come / have come from your posting, here?

You are actually too lovely that you write these talented postings for hsiung.

you are kind. where else should i post things?

i don't have community in my real world. since i decided i don't want to work to become a philosopher (i want to work to do something else) the philosophy community has turned against me, rather.

the language of other fields is different. this idea of how a field tries to brand you so that nobody else will want you. arts in this country tries to force all artists to work very very very very slowly and their own writing has to be a narrative response to someone else. so your advisor (or whomever) tellsl you to basically take out everything that is original or interesting and spend the length of the words responding to or answering to their problems / objections. or unpacking and explaining (stating them as your own) their ideas.

and then, once you have done that, other people in the field will berate you for having stated the obvious. not having said anything original. having spent a bunch of time responding to straw man objections...

it's an abusive process, really. and one that they feel entitled to make you spend the maximum amount of your time doing. so the university says that's 3 years full time or 6 years part time. so they say 'ooh but you'll fail if you try and finish up now just accept this part time status and keep working'. and then they say 'ooh but you'll fail if you try and finish up now just keep working even though you aren't enroled and we'll accept that thesis later'. and they are basically just obstructive and awful...

until they have managed to beat out the desire to write philosophy. in all except the people who think they will get a kick out of making their own students basically write up their thoughts for them...


i guess the idea is you do it. you are done. you wait however many years on the lawyers to sort it out.

no freedom. no equality. no justice. at all.

at least that is my experience thus far. i guess the reason only the doctors kids get to do anything is because nobody will sign off on anybody else. everybody else is expected to spend their time going about having a hui with everybody all day about what we are supposed to be doing. and everything is all meta meta meta meta meta meta...

one of the examiners said they wanted me to orally defend the notion that discriminating against people on the basis of disability race etc is morally wrong.

uh, ok. i'll just put my thesis (the one i actually wrote) to one side in order to write a thesis for you on that. because that's not stating the obvious at all. i mean to say that if you wanted to deny that 1+1 is 2 you might need a thesis to do that. if you wanted to deny that discrimination against people on the basis of things like that is morally wrong then that is a similar sort of a situation for ethics.

the other examiner... said they would be embarrassed to sign me off. i suppose they meant becuase it is my supervisors job to do that. and they haven't done it already. there was somethign about me writing a commentary on why i haven't done some changes they suggested. and of course i did that commentary for my supervisor already. and instead of signing off on it my supervisor wanted me to submit a commentary with my re-submitted thesis. only i don't think that's how that's supposed to work. one doesn't submit a thesis for examination and also a document explaining the thesis and so on... that's just not how things work.

and it turns out that things don't work.

we don't have the capacity to sign off on students work in a timely fashion. people take their entire lives writing graduate research degrees because...

that's the way things are done here.

so when medical admissions says you are required to have completed a degree at a NZ university within teh last 5 years in the minimum, normal, or standard time that is a fools errand that is not and will not be done.

it seems to me.

i have appeals with the ombudsman who is supposed to look into corruption and the like. the first thesis i submitted for examination was rejected by teh university outright. they didn't even send it for examination at all. they refused to do what they were supposed to do every single step of the way...

i guess the idea is i'm supposed to spend my life running about catering to them making them feel happy so i can coax or soothe them into doing their job.

only that always deteriorates / disintegrates into being mummy for less than minimum wage. and they will never let you go.

they will never let you go.


we see if the VC and the Ombudsman can sign me off in a timely fashion (2 years after i sign up for a 1 year degree) or if justice is supposed to take...

how many generations?

i f*ck*ng hate this country.

i document this, here, because where else am i supposed to document it?

where else am i supposed to document it?

most places it will be taken down ert.

who will bear witness for me?

> The fungi like moisture and warmth. If you have them you must open the windows for some hours in the early mornings so that the moisture can dissipate. Your heater could increase fungi growth. If you have something else that has fungi then the salt water can help. You can put in salt water for some time and the fungi wont like that. Also sun rays is good. Fungi are actually fairly nasty species but also considered good or even haute cuisine when eaten.
> Helen clark is the pre pre predecessor of this beautiful ardern lady with the protracted ears who was in charge during the shootings. More I do not know.
> Overall, I think the vaccinations make sense. Even though those criticized who refuse to vaccinate, it is a fact that some people cannot afford some type of vaccinations. Some people refuse because of religious motives or ideology, however.
> But it is true, vaccinations can have prolonged side effects like headache and so on.
> The comfort of the wool also depends of how the wool is cut and stitched together and if its a young sheep and so forth. e.g. the rib knit has elastic properties. The used the rib knit in the fifties and sixties for swimsuits. The rib knit actually was some kind of a revolution and some wool companies expanded their business world wide.
> some people cannot tolerate wool on their bare skin, I personally can.
> But you cannot know a hundred percent about ethical treatment. The demand is fairly high and the mass production is maybe neglecting a sufficient accordance with animal welfare. nz is probably a bit better.




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