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Re: I have an idea ert

Posted by alexandra_k on October 2, 2019, at 15:24:15

In reply to Re: I have an idea, posted by ert on September 23, 2019, at 6:09:15

> Good luck with your thesis Alex.

Thanks, Ert.

> I imagine that you are able to provide a thesis that can make a difference.

I submitted my thesis for examination September 14, 2018. The University never sent that thesis out for examination.

But that thesis has made a difference.

Helen Clarke has subsequently come back to NZ and had a much stronger presence here in the media and so on. She was working at the UN. She knows about Human Rights and Social Development (where social and economic are not opposed) and things like that. Winston Peters has been taking a back seat. Very much so. Hospital associated infection. Etc. Sigh.

> However the herds often demand something streamlined and commonplace.

Something that has been so over-processed and group-worked to death so it reads like it fell out the post-modernist essay generator.

> To some extent it could make sense to adapt to those people who demand some kind of alignment and with those people who think to be entitled to find and deem what is good.

Sigh. I do have difficulty doing that. And... Doing that doesn't seem to get me very far, either. I do try and conceed when I should conceed. I try and say that I am doing that when I am doing that precisely so I can point out that I do in fact do that when people start complaining about my being a know it all. If they invested 1/4 the time I did into investigating what what I did they would likely know a great deal more than they do presently so it isn't so surprising. Really. I mean what do they expect? They don't think very well a lot of the time. They don't think very good a lot of the time either. They are slaves to their emotion and confabulation often. But I wrote that thesis years and years and years and years ago and at least one of us moved on.

> Nothing is perfect neither your thesis nor the bridges and cathedrals in NZ.

Yeah. Doesn't have to be perfect. Just good enough. Get it done. Tick the box. Move on.

Unfortunately the University decided to break every rule in their Calendar and then some and refuse to give me the qualification.

They threw away my scholarship application too, seems like. I think it (genuinely) is a case of 'if she won't do a PhD with us (that's probably 8 years and they will swear black and blue that's 'normal' and 'full time' with a 'special exemption status' that everybody gets. Because they have decided to make it a intellectual handicap university or similar. You need to be intellectually handicapped before they will give you your Degree. You need to not be able to write a thesis before they will give you your Degree. YOu need to hand them the thesis that all of them wrote for you, basically, after so many tantrums and meetings and arguments and so on... All so that... You will never produce anything ever again.

That seems to be the spirit of it.

> Finally it depends who you meet. Hope you will meet the right ones and someone who does not demand perfection. Except for math, perfection is a joke. In the arts and probably in your thesis too can be a convergence but everything that is too ordinary will not be remembered or exist for a long time.

It has basically been a process of my forcing them to accept it, this year.

The Ombudsmen (corruption investigation).

I suppose the next step will be repairation in the courts.

I hope I get enough to make US residency affordable for me.

I wish it were different. But people do not value me, here. I wish it were different. But It isn't. So... There it is.

> Maybe I was a new Zealand sheep in my former life since I can tolerate wool on my skin.

Maybe it depends on the wool. Some wool is soft and fine. Some other wool is coarser.

> But here in California I do not need sweaters at all but only a thin woolen extra large shirt (so that the air can circulate underneath). It is arid. I only used to wear sweaters in Colorado.


It is humid here. Nasty humid.

I like to wear compression clothing. It mops up a layer of sweat. It makes me feel stronger and calmer. It holds me, I guess.




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